Yves Rocher: 57 Years On And Still Great Value

It’s a myth that mail order cosmetics are less advanced or good value, and Yves Rocher dispels this misconception. Bridging the gap between drugstore and department store cosmetics, the company that was established in 1959 now sells its ranges in 88 countries around the world, and has stores in many of them. I’ve used the company on and off since I was a teenager, as there are products to suit all ages and budgets with monthly special offers and discounts. One thing I love is the free gifts and the samples, as it contributes to customer loyalty, with a birthday gift each year. It also has an ecological aspect to it in that the company doesn’t test on animals, has an organic range, uses as many botanical ingredients as possible, limits the use of parabens (preservatives), uses ethical research, and has a foundation that plants trees to aid the natural conservation of the planet. Beauty with a conscience!

Not everyone lives near a town, or has the patience to look around a store and this is why companies like Yves Rocher are ideal. They have a full range of body, hair, and skincare ranges, plus fragrances and accessories. Today the company also runs Dr. Pierre Ricaud Daniel Jouvance (skincare companies), ID Parfums Paris, Kiotis, and Flormar, which operate in various countries around the world.

There are several skincare ranges to choose from, some with a full range, and others with specific targeted treatments:

Riche Crème ~ an anti-aging range

Culture BIO ~ organic skincare

Elixir 7.9 ~ an anti-aging range

Sérum Végétal ~ an anti-aging range with targeted treatments

Hydra Végétal ~ a range for most skin types and dehydrated skin

Nutritive Vegetal ~ for dry skin

Pure Calmille ~ a range for normal and younger skins, but suitable for everyone

Pure System ~ for acne prone skin

Sébo Végétal ~ for oily skin

Sensitive Vegetal ~ a range for sensitive skin

One of my favorite ranges is Hydra Végétal, which is gentle and hydrating. Recently I bough the Hydra Végétal Intense Hydrating Mask (75 ml @£12.40/$17) which is often at 50% off or buy one get one free. Currently there is an offer to get a free Hydra Végétal Intense Hydrating Gel Cream (50ml @£13/$25) and a Fresh Eye Gel (15ml £13.20/$24) with any purchase too.

The company sends out frequent emails with special offers and codes, and it tempted me to buy the Intense Hydrating Mask with a buy one get one free offer (with a free shipping code) as well as the free gifts. A perfect bargain, and with items I genuinely will use, and are full sized and sealed. One thing I like about this company is that they don’t generally discontinue popular items unlike other cosmetic houses. They may update the packaging or improve the formula, but some of the ranges have been going strong for a couple of decades. That speaks volumes for its popularity and success, and that the millions of customers love the products and they work.

If you are looking for something to replace a favorite product that has been discontinued, give Yves Rocher a look, because you maybe pleasantly surprised. Sign up for their newsletters first to get the special offers or use ebates where you can get cashback and find coupon codes for more savings.

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