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The great advantage of this beauty box is its flexibility and transparency; they email you to tell you they will be debiting your account so you have time to cancel or upgrade. This is my second month as a Gold member and while the August shortlist wasn’t that exciting, I managed to find four items I wanted to try to see if the Gold membership was worth it for the added bonuses. Sadly, so far I can’t see any great benefits; last month I got bonus product of a body lotion, and this month a 2ml sachet of Verso facial serum. While the sachet may have a perceived value of £6, I’m not a fan of samples in sachets because once they are opened, the product comes into contact with oxygen and becomes less effective. In addition 2ml is enough for a couple of days at a stretch, and to discover if a serum works, you need to try it for at least a few days

Here is the August shortlist (with perceived values) based around the theme of Beauty Solutions:

Paul Mitchell® Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair ~ 25ml (£2.50)

nügg beauty revitalizing face mask ~ 10ml (£3.30)

Bloom and Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz ~ 40ml (£6)

The Body Shop®British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter ~ 50ml (£6)

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads ~ 5 pads (£1.07)

Bloom and Blossom Revitalising Leg and Foot Spray ~ 50ml (£7.50)

this works in transit camera close-up ~ 20ml (£15)

The Body Shop® Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil ~ 7ml (£6.50)

111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask ~ 23ml (£20)

Sönd Revitalising Face Serum ~ 5ml (£7)

(Membership options; Bronze @£6.95 for two items/ Silver @£8.95 for three items/ Gold@£10.95 for four items subject to availability.)

The bonus items rather than products this month was a tube of Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste (value £0.48), a £5 gift card from Leonie Saliba, and a £20 gift card from Best Secret. I chose the last four items on the list and my total perceived value of my box was £55 for £10.95, bumped up by the value of the sheet mask. I still consider the box good value, although the bonus items aren’t as exciting as previous boxes. Order yours here.

Rating and verdict: 2.5/5


The choices this month seemed limited and quite random, and I’m still pining for my lost/stolen box last month, which would have contained items I was looking forward to trying. The Gold membership hasn’t seemed to have generated any particular advantages so far and hasn’t impressed me, especially as it had been hyped up. Next month I will switch back to Bronze unless there are items I am interested in. Perhaps if they gave Gold members the ability to choose before anyone else for an hour on the first day, that would be more of an incentive to remain as a Gold member?

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