Why Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm Is More Than A Cleanser

I’ve tried many cleansers from lotions, milks, creams, oils, gels, and balms (and some very expensive ones), but it takes an exceptional cleaner for me to review it and recommend it, and Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm has succeeded. It’s more than a cleanser, and is multifunctional, where my favorite use is as a hydrating mask in the bath. After cleansing, the skin feels smoother and softer instantly with no oily residue—if your skin feels tight after cleansing it’s because it’s too harsh for your skin type.

How important is cleansing? It’s the most important thing, because if you don’t have a thoroughly cleansed skin, everything else you use on top won’t work. Coupled with the balm is the Dual Action Cleaning Cloths; one side is microfiber for cleansing, and the other muslin side has a light exfoliating action. Alternatively, you can use a facial sponge, or a sponge cloth, which is excellent for removing oil based cleansers. These dry hard after use, which prevents bacteria from growing—essential for good hygiene.

The balm has a wonderfully calming aroma created from a combination of Orange, Neroli and Mandarin essential oils, added to the other key ingredients of Moringa seed extract, Wild Sea Fennel, Grape Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, Jasmine and Rose, it gently cleanses the skin without stripping and promotes hydration. Here are some of the ways I have used the cleansing balm:

  • Morning cleanse ~ Use a fingertip size of the balm and mix it with a few drops of warm water in the palm of the hand. This will create a light creamy paste, which can then be applied as a cleanser, and rinsed with warm water using a facial cloth or sponge.
  • Makeup remover ~ Warm up the balm in the palm of the hand and apply to dry skin to ‘melt’ away the makeup. The balm will turn into to oil and dissolves away the makeup. Rinse carefully with warm water.
  • Hydrating mask ~ After exfoliating apply a generous thin layer to the face and neck in the bath. Rinse off just before you get out of the bath. To use it as an intensive mask, apply to dry skin and leave for an hour before rinsing off. As the balm turns to oil, it’s probably suited to cooler climates rather than hot and humid temperatures where the mask will not be as comfortable.
  • Massage balm ~ This is great to use if you have a facial massage as it doesn’t pull the skin, and the massage action stimulates the skin, thus enhancing the ingredients in the balm. Massaging the skin helps to increase the circulation, and promotes the skin renewal system giving the skin a boost, and I recommend this if your skin is a dull or tired.


Rating 4.75/5. This is a great product with several uses, and is suitable for all skin types. I personally enjoy opening the jar each day to use it, and you can see and feel the effects immediately. That’s the sign of an exceptional cleanser. The Moringa Cleansing balm comes in a 100ml size at £38 (including a Dual Action Cleansing Cloth), and a 50ml size in a handy starter kit priced at £25 (which includes a Dual Action Cleansing Cloth and a 15 ml Age Support Face Cream 15ml). Try it, and cleansing will never be the same again. Emma Hardie has just launched a new Vitamin C range which I can’t wait to try, as Vitamin C is one of my wonder natural ingredients, that never fails to work wonders.

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