Vitamin C Serum: The All Year Skin Saver

The shelves are full of products that contain Vitamin C, but what makes it so special and how can you tell the difference between the products? Vitamin C is unique in that it is suitable for all skin types and ages, after all we all take Vitamin C supplements and need it on a daily basis in our diets. It is the vitamin that the body needs to help repair and protect tissue, and as it is water soluble, this means it can’t be stored in the body. Therefore, the body needs the supply to be replenished daily. However, this does mean that the vitamin is unstable in that it is hard to keep potent and active in a solution, which is why there are different products available.

There are creams, lotion, serums, capsules, and powders. The higher the concentration of Vitamin C, the more expensive the product will be. For example, SkinCeuticals and Alpha-H serums have more highly concentrated formulas than The Body Shop products, but not everyone will need such a strong concentration. I personally find The Body Shop Vitamin C range affordable, and suitable for all skin types. They aren’t too strong, but the products are effective, and are good for minor skin concerns like dullness. For those who like something that is a little stronger, Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster comes in a variety of smaller (affordable) sizes, and works fast with only a couple of drops needed at night.

Vitamin C has a host of benefits, from softening the skin, helping with acne scars, reducing pigmentation, and helps to brighten dull skin. Younger  skin users can use it as a preventative measure, and those with specific concerns can use it as a treatment. There are also many beauty products that include Vitamin C in their ingredients but aren’t labeled as such, and that is always a good sign.  Here are some tips on how to make the most of using your Vitamin C products, because it’s not only what you use but how and when you use it that also matters.

Beauty Super Spy Tips

  • Begin with a lower concentration product to see how it suits your skin. Don’t over estimate how strong serums can be, and use a small amount at first.
  • Use it at night for the maximum effect, after cleansing and toning, and before a moisturizer.
  • If you are on a budget invest in a serum with a sealed dispenser as it will last longer, and you reduce the risk of over applying as these will deliver a measured amount. Most come in a bottle with a pipette or dropper so it is easier to know how much to use.
  • Cleansers, wipes, and exfoliators containing Vitamin C will contain very small amounts, and as the products are rinsed off the skin they will have little benefit. Don’t expect too much from these products, but they do have a synergy effect which means that the products will work in harmony with each other when you use them.
  • Always apply serums after using a softening lotion or toner, otherwise you may drag the skin when applying the serum. Some serums need to warmed up with the fingertips before application if they are dense in texture.
  • Never use too much—if you overload the skin, it may cause a rash due to over stimulation. Use a serum once in the morning and again at night, maximum. Not only does it waste the product, but the skin needs to allow it to absorb, and applying too much is like overeating.
  • Use two to three drops maximum, and extend to the décolleté area. I always find it best to start with a couple of drops, and then add another only if necessary, and usually at night if my skin is a little tired.
  • If you are using products to reduce pigmentation, adding Vitamin C products will help, as it will boost the skin renewal system. Many of these products will contain Vitamin C too, so take care that you don’t overload the skin.
  • When using a powder to make your own serum, ensure you use the product within a couple of weeks, as the product will have no preservatives, and once it comes into contact with oxygen, it can go off and cause a reaction.

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  1. I am not much into make up or know anything about what I should use on my face besides facial lotion. However, five years ago my niece gave me The Body Shop Vitamin C cream, and I liked how my skin feel after using it for a while.

    I found your post informative, especially for people like me!

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