The Man Behind The House Of Rimmel

These days it’s better known as Rimmel London and can be found worldwide in drugstores and supermarkets. It all began in 1834, when Eugene Rimmel who was originally a perfumer branched out into cosmetics.

The brand has always had affordable and up to date products with Kate Moss as their figurehead since 2001, and was the first self-selection brand available after the Second World War. Among the cult products are Hide the Blemish, a concealer that most teenagers experiment with (an generations have relied on as a beauty secret), an amazing array of nail polishes that don’t chip or flake, and are well-known for their amazing mascaras.

Here is a blast from the past in the 1970s when the glam look was in. This is my mother’s tin of Rimmel eye crayons that I used to experiment with as a child. They also do accessories; this sable lip brush still works from the same era.

As a company, Rimmel maybe budget, but it is always ahead with the latest trends and colors, and is a great way to try a new fashion color without going over your beauty budget.

The company was bought out by Coty in 1949, and is against animal testing:

“We do not undertake animal testing for any of our products or even product ingredients, and do not commission such tests with outside test institutes either.”

They also support and sponsor charities; at University we needed a sponsor for our charity fashion show and they kindly sent a bag of make-up to use for the show. This remains one of my favorite brands for so many reasons. Don’t be put off by the price or that it’s self-selection—many make-up artists and those who work in the beauty industry use Rimmel and trust the products. A company that has been around and successful for over 180 years, is doing something right and has served several generations of women, helping them to do and feel their best.

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