Revolution ~ Pink Clay Mask Review

Revolution is well renowned for their makeup that comes in a vast array of shades to suit just about everyone, including their foundations and concealers that sold out as soon as they were launched. They recently launched a skincare range, and I was asked to try one of their masks to review. I opted for the Pink Clay Detoxifying Mask, as I am fan of Pink Clay as a gentle cleansing ingredient, and our skins always need a little detoxifying.

The product is suitable for combination and oily skins as it is a clay mask that helps declog blocked pores, and costs £8 for a 50ml jar. As with most masks you should aim to use it at least once and preferably twice a week after exfoliating to see the best results. Skin cells take about 4-6 weeks to renew, and I have been using the mask for a month now. An added bonus is the product is also vegan!

Rating and verdict


The mask has a subtle sweet scent and contains Seaweed extract and Witch Hazel (to soothe), as well as Pink Clay, which helps reduce inflammation or irritation. The texture is smooth and creamy which makes applying the mask really easy, as it glides on without you having to rub it in. Makes sure you get all the nooks around the nose area though. If you have combination skin (the t-zone) as I have, then you only need to apply the mask to that area after exfoliating. I recommend a manual exfoliator to help remove any surface dead skin cells to allow the mask to penetrate more effectively, something the chemical exfoliators don’t do as well.

The instructions say to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, but I found the mask dries quite fast, and it turns white when it’s dry. You may feel a little tingling, but then you will also feel when it’s dry. Simply rinse off afterwards and follow with toner (or softening lotion), any serums, and then your moisturizer. Usually as you apply masks in the evening, I would recommend a sleep cream or overnight cream mask for the best results.

After a particularly humid summer when pores can get clogged daily due to sweat and the heat, the mask helped to soften and loosen the pores after the first use. I then used it again later in the week and the mask helped to decongest the problem nose area, and aided a little extraction. The added bonus is that the skin didn’t feel tight or dry after rinsing, which can happen when you use clay masks.

This is a great buy for those with congested pores, and oily skin, who also have sensitive skin as it’s a gentle clay mask. I found it useful on the nose area where congestion can build up quickly without you noticing. Use it twice a week after cleansing throughly (I recommend a double cleanse) and a manual exfoliator to get the best out of using any face masks. The end result is skin that is softer and cleaner, and for the price it’s a bargain. You get premium results with change from a tenner.

Revolution has a full range of face masks that also cost £8, including ones for moisturizing, soothing, warming, and nourishing, so it covers just about all skin concerns, and all are vegan except for the honey mask. You can buy online directly from Revolution ( where they often have offers and samples) or at Superdrug.

* This mask was sent as a PR sample for me to review, but does not affect my opinion of the product or influence my review.

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