Pink Parcel Review ~ January 2018

Pink Parcel is a monthly lifestyle subscription box; inside is a monthly supply of femcare essentials, plus beauty, and sweet treats and occasionally fashion accessories. This month compared to previous months curation of items was a little weak, even though four of the seven items were full sized. Here are the contents of the January box, which is priced at £12.99 (including postage). There are other subscription packages available; 3 months @£35.97 (save £1 a month); 6 months @£64.95 (get a month free); 12 months @£129.90 (get 2 months free).

  • Made by Coopers Apothecary Happy Mist ~ full size 30 ml @£12
  • Bandzee ~ Small pack of four @£5.99
  • Laritzy Eye Pencil ~ Full size @£18
  • Browcote ~ Full size @£6.99
  • Montezuma’s Organic Milk Chocolate Chilli and Lime ~ 30 g @£0.99
  • We are Tea ~ Sencha tea bag
  • Vega Essentials ~ Sample sachet of nutritional powder

Total retail value over £44

Rating and verdict


The selection of items didn’t really suit me this month (and was echoed by some of my beauty addict friends) compared to previous boxes. There were two makeup items, the customary tea bag and chocolate treat, a fashion item, and two lifestyle items. I consider the nutritional powder a lifestyle item, because it’s really for people who like smoothies, and I’m not one of them.

Boxes can be hit and miss, and sadly this one was a miss for me where even the chocolate didn’t suit me (I don’t like chilli in chocolate). The best item was the Made by Coopers Happy Mist, which is a luxury lifestyle item that you can spray onto your pillow or onto your scarf to create a sense of calm around you courtesy of the essential oils in the product. It’s a nice item to have, but one that you are more likely to give as a gift. I did use it and by chance I had an excellent night of sleep for an insomniac. The Bandzee hair ties are useful as I have long thick hair, and a black eyeliner (Laritzy) is always handy even though I’ll probably never have to buy another one in my lifetime (I have about 40 black eye pencils). I don’t drink smoothies or tea, so the other items will find other better homes, and sadly I was not blessed with eyebrows that need gel either!

The box was quite average where I could only find a use for two of the items, however, I have given an extra point for their excellent customer service. A couple of readers had damaged items in last months box, and told me the customer service was speedy and polite as items were replaced instantly and with an apology. Pink Parcel has an online shop where you can buy selected items that have been featured in the boxes as well for your convenience.

The box still offers good value, although I have seen and had better boxes in the past, plus you can choose when you receive the box, and change the date as and when necessary. Sign up for Pink Parcel here; the January box is available until the end of the month or while stocks last.

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