Pink Parcel ~ December 2018 Review

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that costs £12.99 a month which includes shipping. Inside there is a selection of lifestyle, beauty and sweet treats and a monthly supply of femcare products.The December box was a little disappointing as the chocolate and fudge (which was on the leaflet) was not available and was replaced by some other sweets and another item. I skipped the last couple of months because the products didn’t suit me, and while the December box has a few things I will use, overall the selection of items aren’t as exciting as they used to be.

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 The beauty of Pink Parcel is that you can decided when you want to receive your parcel, and you can suspend or cancel 7 days before you are billed for the next month. Having that flexibility and being able to see spoilers beforehand does make this one of the better options for subscription boxes (no disappointments), and you can always order during the month as well.

This month,inside were four full sized items and others were sample or travel sized:

  • Manna Kadar ~ Full size @£22
  • Lord and Berry Maximatte in 20100 Lip Crayon x 2 ~ Full size @£15 each (an extra is to gift to a friend)
  • Oh K! Lip Mask ~ Full size @4.50
  • Anatomicals Deep Hair Conditioning Pack ~ Full size @£1
  • Dilmah Chocolate, Tumeric Ginger and Almond Tea sachet
  • Balance Me Micellar water ~ Travel size 30ml @£6
  • Candy Kittens ~ Full size @£3

Total value approximately £70

Even though the value of the box this month seems high, several of the items are repeat items from previous boxes, or have made the rounds in other subscription boxes. It’s a great box for someone who hasn’t had any boxes before, but for those who have them regularly, this is a little repetitive with the same brands and similar products.

With the addition of the Cosmopolitan version of Pink Parcel (which costs £7 more) regular subscribers were concerned that Pink Parcel may contain fewer items, or less high end brands. The problem is not the perceived value that customers look at, but the retail cost and having no change from £20 from paying just over £10 makes a difference to a core percentage of the market. Compared to previous boxes, this is a little weak (despite the high perceved value of the box) because who needs two lip crayons in a shade that may not suit them? I anticipate seeing a few on eBay.

This is an ‘okay’ box but not the best one they have produced, and while it seems they had supplier issues with the chocolate and fudge, the other contents seem to have been put to together to bump up the value of the box. Hopefully this is a blip, and Pink Parcel will get back to being one of the best boxes on the market in 2019.

You can subscribe to Pink Parcel here:

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