Perricone MD ~ Photo Plasma Broad Spectrum SPF30

Perriocone MD is a renowned skincare range that focuses on anti-aging treatments, and is developed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. It’s a trusted favorite brand of mine, because it does what is says and is elegantly packaged with no fancy gimmicks. As summer approaches, finding a product that provides sun protection that moisturizes, and has anti-aging properties isn’t easy but Photo Plasma ticks all those boxes. It’s an ideal product for just about everyone, and with a high SPF 30, it protects, soothes, hydrates, and also helps prevents aging.

Unlike other SPF moisturizers that can be heavy and white, this is a light and oil-free soufflé that absorbs quickly into the skin, and leaves a very slight dewy finish. The pink color does look a little strange and unusual, and comes from Astaxanthin, which is a rich antioxidant. What this does is protect the skin from photo ageing (hence the name), dehydration, the sun, pollution, and the wind, so the strange color can be overlooked as it has such great benefits. It’s also fragrance free, so is safer for sensitive skins.

Should a SPF moisturizer be used instead of sunscreen though? I would still use a sunblock over the moisturizer if you are in a hot and humid area where sweat may reduce the effects of the moisturizer. Don’t forget, the product is primarily a moisturizer, and sunscreen as a secondary function. How many people moisturize their nose, or their foreheads? It’s easy to forget or to skim over, and leaves those sensitive parts exposed. This is a handy product for those quick trips out for coffee or to the market, but not to be used if you are spending the day on the beach as it may not give you enough protection.

Many people do get confused as to what UVA, UVB and SPF numbers mean, so here is a brief guide:

  • UVA ~ These long wave rays can cause aging, sun spots, and wrinkles. This is the tanning ray, which penetrates into the skin layers. Using a product to counteract these rays will help against photo aging. Tanning booths may still have UVA rays, therefore it is wise not to use them as it can increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • UVB ~ These shortwave rays can cause burning. These rays have different intensities depending on the time of day you are outside, the season, and where in the world you are. On mountains, the rays can be strong, or in areas where there is snow or ice the rays will reflect back onto the skin thus can cause more damage.
  • SPF ~ A sun protection factor number indicates how much long the product will give you protection, and is calculated by how long it will take the skin to burn without the SPF. For example, if you use a product with SPF30 and your skin burns in 10 minutes (10 minutes times 30 = 300 minutes or 5 hours) without any protection, that means the SPF30 will give you 5 hours of protection, as long as you don’t sweat or wipe off the product. Therefore a product with SPF50 will give you protection for 8 hours if you burn within 10 minutes without protection.

Rating and verdict



This is an excellent product for all skin types, especially if you have sensitive skin, and don’t like heavy sun creams. As this is so light in texture, it’s also ideal for those with oily skins, or during the summer when the temperatures can be humid. It offers a high level of protection and because it absorbs quickly into the skin, you can apply makeup straight away.

The product is concentrated, and you only need to use a finger tipped size for the entire face and neck. It also contains Vitamin C Ester (fat soluble, which means it is more stable and easily absorbed), which combats aging and helps brighten the complexion. Photo Plasma creates a shield that helps protect the skin from pollution, plus with a non-chemical UVA sunscreen it doesn’t block the skin, and has a mineral based UVB sunscreen, which reflects the rays away from the face.

Photo Plasma is available in 59 ml jars priced at £59/ 2 fl oz $75 and is available from Perricone MD directly ( and other cosmetic sites such as Sephora, FeelUnique, Fabled, and SpaceN.K. apothecary, and is a good investment to counteract and prevent photo aging. It’s also a good product for those who tend to forget to use a sunscreen, or like to use as few products as possible.


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