Love Me Beauty Revisited ~ August 2016 Review

There have been a few changes at Love Me Beauty since my last review. They no longer send out your selection in boxes, but a hessian cosmetic bag, and they have begun to do monthly edits rather than add items to the boutique randomly. However, that is the theory, and whether that will work is another matter as the boutique can look a little sparse when items are sold out.

I chose my items early on in the month, and included what was left in July, which were mainly selected items from Pixie by Petra. The August edit comprises mainly of self-tan items from Vita Liberata and brush sets from EcoTools, and has about 20 items to choose from. I chose Madara ~ Cellular Repair Serum (15ml @ £19), Dr Lipp ~ Original Nipple Balm for Lips (15ml @£12), and Pixi ~ Beauty Sleep Cream (35ml @£24).

There were a few hiccups along the way though; the checkout process was hard work as the PayPal option kept coming up with an error page on the Love Me Beauty side, I then tried to use a credit card, only for the button to confirm to freeze. I tweeted to inform and ask them what the issue was (I knew they were online as they had just tweeted), but I never got a response.

I decided to leave things for a while and then an email popped up confirming my order out of the blue, without my having gone back to the site. I read the small print again, in case it had changed since I last read it, and there were some additions. Delivery takes 2-5 working days, and they state that if a package doesn’t arrive, you must inform them as soon as possible as they can only track them up to two weeks.

A week later, nothing, so I duly emailed support and got a reply later in the day to say there was a delay in the package leaving the warehouse and to give it another couple of days. After the additional couple of days wait, still nothing and support promised to track the package, but said it would take another couple of days (48 hours) for a response. Fortunately I did receive my parcel after these numerous couple of days, but knowing the parcel was untracked I knew that if it was lost, finding it was very unlikely.

It seems Love Me Beauty is slowly improving, but I do wonder whether there is a real support system in place for customers, and also an active responsive social media presence? I was still getting customer service email responses at 10 p.m. and nothing via Twitter. To rub salt into the wounds, I saw other beauty bloggers showing off their PR boxes with the full range of the boutique (including now out of stock items) while I, a paying customer was spending time chasing my parcel and still waiting for it.

Somehow it doesn’t seem right, and false advertising where the PR boxes and what is actually available online don’t correlate. Love Me Beauty should focus on customer service rather than the PR side, because nothing grates a person more than false advertising, and someone who gets a box early and for free, while their paid choices are limited, and then having to wait nearly two weeks for delivery. I still feel there is room for improvement, and given that I have still experienced issues I would not risk subscribing for more than a month. Curbing negative social media comments doesn’t make up for PR reviews, because the lack of real customer responses (those who pay money) speak volumes. Perhaps they should consider that when customers search for genuine testimonials that the majority of reviews are all via unrealistic PR samples.

A monthly rolling subscription is available for £10 a month (plus £3.95 shipping)  which is worth 60 credits in the boutique. Items are valued from 10 credits to 30 credits each depending on availability.

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