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I’ve been testing this site for the last few months with varying success. Some days the website is slow or just doesn’t load, and when it does, the selections for build your own box seem to have all the best items sold out. What also puts me off this site is the added postage charges (£3.95) unless you spend over £30 (build your own boxes are not included in this) as the price I see is the price I want to pay. They do however have a good range of limited edition boxes, including currently:

In addition they have created some themed boxes, each at £20 with at least 9 items, which is about the same as building your own box for 9 items at £16.99 plus £3.95 postage.


Now, I’ve not been sent any boxes to review, but looking at what’s in them there are a selection of full size and sample sizes, and not all items are available in build your own box either. My recommendations for value would be either The Bright and Beautiful Box or The Soft Skin Box, as each contain a couple of full size or generous special size skincare items. The Girls’ Night Out Box has 15 items which includes 6 full size make-up items, so is good value if you like the colours or are happy to risk some of them not suiting you. The other items include hair accessories, nail wraps, tattoos and sample sizes of perfume and hairspray.

Overall the latest limited edition boxes seem to be good value and at a good price point, but if you are a member of You Beauty Box or have had a Powder Beauty Drawer Box, then you may see duplicate items, as all three boxes are run by the same company. Do sign up for newsletters as they do send discount codes and offers, plus if you forget to checkout your basket, they send you a discounted incentive to do so. If you can’t find a discount code you can always use Quidco to get cashback on your purchases.

You Beauty Box

As one the more affordable beauty box subscriptions I have found some items in the April selection I like, and have finally decided to try it . At £6.95 per month, you get to choose 2 products, and then get 2 bonus products, which are usually sachets too (if you forget to choose or don’t, they will send you 2 random products before the end of the month). Postage is free, so it’s not a bad deal, however, the choices are limited, and vary on quality and size each month. The shortlist ends by the 28th of each month, when the next month is debited from your account. You can then choose your products from the 1st of each month from 7 a.m. online. On a personal note I don’t quite understand the 7 a.m. start, why not like other sites start a minute after midnight, after all that is when the new day officially begins? It would prevent server overload issues and people who are up early can choose, and people don’t have to get frustrated at having to wait until the allotted time, to ensure their favourite products aren’t out of stock. (When it says currently unavailable, it really means you are too late and it’s sold out.)

If you also use the ‘build your own box’ from Latest In Beauty, you’ll probably find some of the same items there as they are run by the same company and have the same distribution channels. I did notice the Himalayan Healing Salts sachet shortlisted on YouBeautyBox in February, which is currently on offer with the build your own box, and is also included in one of the curated boxes. While it maybe cheap at £6.95, when items sit in a drawer or are used up in a couple of minutes, then it’s not necessarily good value.

This is a subscription service so unless you cancel or skip a month you will be charged each month. The shortlist closes a few days before the end of each month, so if you are a subscriber don’t leave it to the last-minute to choose. One other bonus is that subscribers get free postage on limited edition boxes (usually £4.95), so that in itself is worth it as some boxes are good value and sell out quickly. The April selection looks good with a variety of products for the body, face, and a make-up item, and currently everything is still available at the time of writing. I’ve ordered mine and let’s see how long it takes to arrive…

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