How To Use Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has been and still is a cult product after 20 years. I’ve been using this product on and off for a years and was the original primer before the term primer became a buzz word in the beauty world. However, many people get confused on how to use it properly, or what it’s really for and end up leaving it unused in a drawer. I worked opposite the Clarins counter for half a decade and gleaned a lot of information from my friends there, which I will now share.

Beauty Flash Balm can be used in several ways, and each requires a different method;

  • As a mask ~ apply a thin layer over cleansed skin for about 10-20 minutes and then tissue off. This is because it doesn’t absorb into the skin, but helps to firm and tighten the skin as a pick me up. It won’t harm the skin if you forget to remove it, but will leave a flaky residue once it dries.
  • Use as a beauty boost ~ apply after moisturizing and smooth the balm over the face if you want a glossy and sheer natural look. This is good after late nights, or when you haven’t had much sleep and need a boost.
  • As a base or primer ~ apply after moisturizing and just before makeup, and smooth onto the skin. DO NOT RUB otherwise it will make any foundation used afterwards look flaky. You can apply it all over or just on certain areas such as the cheeks. It will create a smoother base for your foundation, but if you are applying a powder based foundation wait for a few minutes to allow the balm to set.

Another mistake is people use too much of the product—less is always better (as you can add more), but remember it doesn’t replace your moisturizer, and always goes over it. With all Clarins products, as they use plant extracts, once opened the product should be used within a couple of months. Among the active botanical ingredients are; witch hazel (soothes and tightens), and olive extracts (healing). Products with natural plant extracts can go off quickly and that can cause skin reactions.


Rating 4/5: This is a great multipurpose product, and one that you can use with other skincare and makeup ranges. An essential for parties, and is popular with actors, dancers, models, who need their makeup to last longer and to look perfect under the spotlight. Use it daily, or when you need an extra lift.

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