Get The Gloss/Roccabox ~ Editor’s Pick Beauty Box

When the email announcing a collaboration between the two companies (Get The Gloss and Roccabox)  landed in my inbox I wasn’t exactly excited, mainly because companies have a habit of overhyping things with click and bait headlines. I’m also not a fan of these ‘tune in for the reveals’ because these days people don’t have the time to keep checking back only to get disappointed. It maybe on an old PR trick to keep traffic on the site or on social media accounts, but it can equally backfire when what is revealed is disappointing and that’s how many companies lose the fickle customer base. I’m sure some people get a thrill checking each day, but these days people either are interested or not, and the lure that leads to disappointment usually means a customer won’t bother looking again.

There was the promise of some full sized items and must haves, but I still wasn’t convinced, because you had to keep checking back, but I did sign up for the VIP link to buy the box early on 27 July, just in case. I receive the ‘Get the Gloss’ emails and sometimes I read them, but mostly they sit there unread due to the huge amount of clickbait material. However, I decided to check the latest on the contents of the box and it looked decent. I’m a fan of Sunday Riley and Murad, so that made up my mind to buy it as the full contents of the box were finally revealed. However, you can’t create a Roccabox account unless you buy something and I’d never been impressed by them in the past, so I had to chance creating an account if I was to buy a box.

We were all told that those who had signed up to the VIP access would get a special link at 9 a.m., to buy the box before it went on sale on the website, and so I waited and there was nothing, and yes I checked my spam. I went onto Instagram to find other people hadn’t received their link either, and the same was on Facebook. The reply was that the link should arrive soon, but after 20 minutes I decided to message them because I was tired of sitting there refreshing my inbox waiting for a link. At the other end (Roccabox) they were helpful, asked for my email and said I was on the list and should have had the email link. I know that, and that’s why I was messaging them. Anyhow, I was given the link in messenger and managed to buy a box for £30 plus £3.95 shipping. That was hard work, but it shouldn’t have been.

The box sold out within two hours, and I did receive my email link in my inbox at 5 p.m. that night. Technical issues do happen, but it doesn’t do much for customer confidence especially when it’s a first time customer, but they did sort it out after I had messaged them, but I did waste nearly half an hour of my life waiting for a link that arrived 8 hours late.

Verdict and rating


The box itself was excellent value and well presented with a good selection of items that were all well sized.

  • Eyeko Black Magic Mascara ~ Full size @£19
  • Ole Henriksen ~ Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum ~ Deluxe Travel Size @£12
  • Spacemask ~ Full size @£3.50
  • Alpha-H Liquid Gold ~ Deluxe Travel Size @£10
  • Jurlique Nourishing Cleansing Oil ~ Travel Size @£5
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment ~ Full size @£48
  • Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment ~ Full size @£60

I’ve managed to try all the items in the box that I’ve not tried before and I’m happy that I made the effort to buy the box. Eyeko mascaras are excellent, and I’ve already tried this so I know it’s a goodie, and the same for Spacemasks. I’ve tried Liquid Gold from Alpha-H before and it didn’t suit me, but I can easily regift that item. Sunday Riley is a favourite of mine, and the Good Genes is a product I like, but I use it with care because I don’t like to overload my skin with too many active products.

I absolutely loved Ole Henriksen’s Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum which has a wonderfully fruity scent that lifts you, and the texture is so smooth and light that it doesn’t feel like a serum. I’m a huge fan of his products because they work almost immediately, and you can see and feel the difference.

The Jurlique cleansing oil I wasn’t that impressed with, but I’m also not a huge fan of cleansing oils. It cleansed, but you do have to use hot water to rinse otherwise there is a residue. The oil itself was light and had a stronger than expected scent, but as I use the rosewater I was used to it. As a cleanser it was okay, but there are better products on the market for the same price.

The final item was Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, which is used over moisturizer at night. This is quite potent stuff and the next morning I could feel it had been active as my skin had a few small bumps. An excellent product, but one I probably will use sparingly as and when needed rather than on a daily basis.

Overall, the box was excellent value with wise picks that contained some classic beauty products, and now that I have a Roccabox account I may just look at what they have to offer in future. An excellent collaboration by both companies and if they choose to do another, they they need to keep up the standards they have set.



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