Four Fabulous Night Oils

There has always been an argument over having a day cream and a night cream (why double the expense?), but since more people are choosing a day moisturiser with a SPF, night creams and sleep treatments have become popular. Sometimes the skin can be overburdened with serums, primers, moisturisers and then a SPF, and so an alternative is a night oil that can soften, hydrate, and repair the skin.

I’ve never been a huge fan of any facial oils because I was put off with some that felt heavy and sticky on my face, and that’s why I am glad I plucked up the courage to try these night facial oils. I have combination skin, and I feel uncomfortable when I can feel oil on my face, so heavy creams that leave a layer like an oil slick are out, and so are oils that leave a greasy film. These are my tried and tested products that I was apprehensive about trying, but I have come to love them and rotate them.

Sunday Riley ~ LUNA Sleeping Night Oil


Not only does this light blue oil look beautiful, it smooths onto the skin like a dream and you only need a few drops. You can use it over a serum and instead of a moisturiser, or if you need an intensive boost then you can add it to the areas of concern after using the moisturiser. An oil is heavier and should be the last thing to be applied to the skin.

The first time I used it, I noticed a difference straightaway, and as soon as you apply it, the skin is softer and smoother, but with no greasy film. It absorbs quickly too, and is one of my favourite products. It contains avocado, blackberry and grapeseed oil, with retinol and chamomile to ease sensitive skin.

The oil comes in a 15ml dropper bottle priced at £45, and from time to time there are deluxe sized trial kits that are available from SpaceNK priced from £24 (5ml Luna Sleeping Oil and 8ml C.E.O. Vitamin C Serum)

Space NK UK

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil


Aurelia is a skincare company that uses bio-organic ingredients, and have a full range of products for the face and body. The night oil is a delight to use, and again you can use it alone, or over a moisturiser.

The oil has a gentle and light scent, and it takes a minute or two to absorb, and leaves the skin with a light glisten, and feeling softer and plumper. It does its magic overnight, and is ideal for all skin types. It repairs, hydrates and renews, and contains Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Lavender, Rose Oil, Mongongo Oil, Kalahari Oil, and Orange Flower Oil. That’s quite a blend, and it also has a relaxing aroma.

The bottle comes in 15ml (£20), 30ml (£38), and 50ml (£62) with a dropper, and a small amount goes a long way. 

Sarah Chapman ~ Overnight Facial Night Elixir


Sarah Chapman is a renowned facialist and has Morning and Overnight Facial products. She avoids using the word ‘oil’ but that is essentially what they are. I find the morning one much heavier, but the night one is a light oil (with retinol) that you use instead of a moisturiser.

The skin feels plump and smoother instantly, and it leaves a very light film, but not a greasy one. The elixir is packed with oils and vitamins, and it’s called a serum-oil, and helps to repair the skin, with anti-aging properties. After using it, your skin feels as if it has had a touch of luxury, and the effects can be seen the next morning where the skin looks and feels radiant.

The product comes in a 15ml dispenser and costs £54. From time to time there are discovery sets available where a smaller 5ml deluxe size is included, and they are worth buying to try the product before buying a full size.


Elemis ~ Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil


While this isn’t technically an oil, the effect is like a facial oil and is a wonderful overnight treatment that is ideal for all skin types, and especially for oily or combination skin. As soon as you apply the light cream, it works wonders on your skin. It also smells rather divine, and you can see and feel the effects instantly.

This plumps up the skin and hydrates it without feeling heavy and with no film or residue after it has absorbed.

The full sized product comes in a pump dispenser priced at £49 for 30ml or a 10ml tube for £18.80.


Overall, the best value is Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil which is an affordable £20 for 15ml and that gives superb results, followed by Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil which lasts a long time as such a small amount is needed. All the above are tried, tested and loved by me, and are great for those of you who want some intense hydration every now and then, or if you have dehydrated skin and want an immediate boost to the skin.

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