Eve’s Parcel ~ August Review

It’s always exciting to see a launch or relaunch of a beauty box, and so I signed up to the first Eve’s Parcel which is a relaunch of the Ms Flow box. Previously I had bought a trial box from Ms Flow and hadn’t been that impressed, so I had higher hopes the offerings from the new Eve’s Parcel would be better.

Each box contains your choice of femcare items with a selection of beauty, lifestyle, and sweet treats for £12.95 plus £2.95 postage. They now offer the option to have boxes without femcare items for £10 plus £2.95 postage. You can choose from three delivery dates (1st, 10th or 20th) and renewal is on the 21st of each month, but you can cancel or skip a month.

Rating and verdict



Ordering the box is easy and straightforward and the delivery was excellent, on time and an email was sent to say it had been despatched. The packaging was basic, however, the contents did not impress me I’m afraid as much as I wish to support female startup companies.

Inside each month there is a yoga card with a pose, and also an affirmation postcard. I find the female empowerment vibe has hit an overkill stage recently, and this feels slightly contrived and too pushy. If it’s a selling point it’s more of a turn off for those who don’t need feminism shoved in their face, but it maybe geared to more impressionable teens and those in their early twenties. I don’t do yoga, but bag Wainwrights or Munros, and those bits of cards will sadly go straight in the recycle bin.

Here are the other contents:

  • Cougar Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil ~ Full size (R.R.P. £19.99) However, I have this product and if you are signed up for Cougar product offers already you will know it was offered a while back for free where you paid postage. It is however a nice product, but I now have 3 bottles.
  • Sugar Sin Sparking Rose Gummies  ~ Full size @£2.35. My face dropped when I saw these, not because I don’t like sweets but 90% of items with the word gummy means gelatine, which means they are not suitable for vegetarians.
  • Pilaten White Clay Mask ~ Sachet 10g (R.R.P. £0.95) However, these are available on Groupon for £3.99 for 10 sachets. I’m a lover of face masks, but not clay masks.
  • Yogi Tea ~ Rose Tea sachet. A handy sachet of tea, alas I am not a tea drinker but luckily I know several of tea fans.
  • Cura Heat Period Pain Patch ~ Pack of one (pack of three @ £3.99) Useful if you do get cramps, but a hot water bottle is still the best and cheapest way to deal with period pain.
  • Bubble T Cosmetics Summer Fruits Popsicle Bath Bomb Fizzer ~  Full size @£3.99. A nice bath treat.

Total value including femcare products approximately £32

Sadly the contents of the box are very disappointing with only one product I will actually use which is the bath fizzer. The Cougar Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil is a nice product, but for the price you can find better products for less (such as Evolve Beauty or The Ordinary), and the sweets will be regifted as I am vegetarian and won’t eat them. The other items are in my opinion very basic and cheap items that have been used to fill the box.

I bought this at a trial box price and still don’t feel I have had value for money. In this instance the femcare products in the box are the best value items. I cancelled the box as soon as I opened it and did make a comment as to why I was cancelling, to which I received a polite reply that they were sorry I was disappointed.

As an inaugural launch box it needed to wow, and it failed to do that with me. Perhaps it will suit others, but it seems to have been a box put together with random items that someone likes personally rather than for a wider audience, and the inclusion of the yoga card and affirmation card appears to have been a result of a brainstorming session trying to tap into the mindset of the customer base. Maybe others will appreciate the yoga cards, but I have never been and will never be a yoga bunny although I love yoga pants, and as for affirmations, perhaps they inspire some, but they failed in this in my opinion as the card was cheap and the script too long winded. If I had paid £10 plus postage for the box I would have felt very short changed, and for once the femcare products are what have made the box barely justifiable as a purchase.


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