Eye_BThe Beauty Super Spy is an ex-beauty consultant—yes, one of those girls that stands behind the beauty counters in the big department stores. She has been in the beauty industry for over a decade, and has worked for six of the leading cosmetic houses in the world. A trained therapist and winner of numerous accolades from various companies; her success was down to her grounded approach of advising clients the best products for their skin, regardless of the brand. Here are some of things she has done in the beauty world:

  • A Counter Manager for six major cosmetic houses in leading department stores in London.
  • A former model, and house model for L’Oréal.
  • Organizer for beauty trade shows.
  • A trained make-up artist and therapist.
  • Worked for beauty trade publications in sales and marketing.
  • Mystery shopped hair salons, beauty spas, and hotels (yes, businesses paid me to evaluate their services!) to assess treatments and customer service.
  • Organized, booked, and worked at beauty promotional events and launches.

Here, she shares some of the secrets in the beauty trade, advises how to keep your skin looking and feeling good with the best products, and reviews popular and new products. Still a beauty addict, she enjoys finding new products and can be found roaming drugstores, apothecaries, and beauty halls around the world. Her ideal job would be to test beauty spas around the world—look out for her reviews. If any spa owners would like to invite her, please use the form below.

Guest Contributors

photoMpho’s first job was a news writer, roving reporter, and translator. After studying and living in Europe, she is currently in her native Africa where she works for the national radio station as a reporter. Having experienced the difficulties in finding products for Afro-textured hair, and problem skin, she shares her tips, and advises on what products work. An avid fan of skincare treatments and spas, she is always on the look out for the next trends.


Jane Alexander is a registered health professional who enjoys the odd break from her busy family life to dabble with writing and creating. She loves to travel, trying to find beauty in everyday life, and battles a little to tame her habit of accumulating subscription boxes.



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