Birchbox Review ~ May 2017

This is the first box that Birchbox have released since the termination of their points loyalty scheme, and many like myself expected a good box to make up for the loss of what the majority deemed their pivotal selling point. However, with Birchbox as there are several variations of the monthly curation; it really is the luck of the draw despite what your profile says as to what you will receive.

This month everyone receives a full size Marsk mineral eyeshadow that is worth £14.49, and there are two shades to choose from: fifty shades (grey) or vanilla frosting. Marsk is an Australian company with a small range of cosmetics that use certified organic ingredients, which includes blushers and mineral powder foundations. On a personal level, I don’t use eyeshadow much these days, and prefer pressed ones for convenience. I’m sure other people may like this product, but it’s not for me—a little too messy and fussy.

The other items in the box include several repeat items for the regular Birchbox subscriber, and although the theme was ‘all in the details’, it seemed to be a collection of just about anything. Here is what I got, and some the other items that were listed as sampled in the May box.

  • Whish Firming Body Cream ~ Sample size 22 ml.
  • Beauty Protector Protect and Volume ~ Sample 20 ml approx.
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance ~ Deluxe Sample 15 ml.
  • Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara ~ Sample size 5 ml approx.

Among the other items that subscribers could receive include:

  • Spectrum eyeshadow brush
  • Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
  • Caudalie Vine (Activ) serum
  • Brandt PoreDermabrasion
  • SKIN79 Nose Strips
  • Brandt Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliant

Subscribers no longer earn points on reviews that they can spend in the shop; instead each review gives the subscriber a voucher for free postage on their next order from the shop. This is emailed within five working days of the review. Instead of free postage automatically for sampled items, there is now a 10% discount for all subscribers or 15% for VIP subscribers who have been subscribers for at least six consecutive months. The free shipping for orders over £35 currently still remains.

Rating and verdict



Having seen some of the other boxes subscribers have received, there are much better versions of the box available, and one that was worse than my own. Of course it’s down to preference and whether a product will be used, however, none of the products tallied with my profile that I had tweaked taking into account the possible product combinations. It appears that new subscribers may not get their profile taken into consideration at all.

My rating may seem rather harsh, and points were awarded for the drawer box as that was the best item, and the delivery as the box arrived within a week my ordering it. The combination of products was poor this month with no skincare—a primer is not skincare, but is a makeup item, a small tube of body cream, a small bottle of hair protector, a dried up mini mascara, and an eyeshadow that isn’t very practical. Last months Boden collaboration was much better, and pales in comparison to this months offerings.

Usually when there is a ‘bad’ box, you were consoled with the knowledge you still earned £5 for your reviews; alas no longer. I’ve had better Birchboxes than this, and while I accept some people may like their box, for £12.95 and to only have one product I could possibly use is not great value for me. In my opinion, Birchbox need to offer better value to their subscribers, and not only discounts because people expect that—they need something more. While some items maybe labeled as exclusive, is that marketing talk for not available in this country because the samples are excess stock from another country?

If you wish to subscribe to Birchbox, each box costs £10 plus £2.95 postage and monthly subscriptions can be cancelled up to the last day of each month. Signing up is quick and easy with a short profile to fill out, and delivery usually takes about five working days.

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  1. Very disappointing box for this month along with the sad news that the point system is no more. Let’s hope Birchbox pull their socks up next month.

    1. I hope so too. I love the drawer boxes and that’s what is the decider for me, but there needs to be something more to keep subscribers happy.

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