Birchbox ~ October 2019 Review

The October Birchbox looked rather good, with a few new items among what was on offer alongside some old favourites. Everyone got an eye mask from Vitamasques, either a morning or evening one, and you are supposed to be able to choose. However, at times website issues happen and you don’t get that choice and contacting customer services these days takes far too long, and often you get palmed off with an answer. I didn’t get the one I wanted, but somehow Birchbox customer services makes you feel as if you should be grateful for getting your box in the first place. That’s how I felt, and their customer service has been on the decline for quite a while. Perhaps it’s something they need to address if they wish to maintain loyalty?

For those who have never had a Birchbox, it’s a monthly subscription box that costs £10 )plus £2.95 shipping) filled with at least 5 beauty items which can be sample, travel, or full sized items. Boxes are allocated according to your profile, or as close to it as possible, therefore it can be hit or miss, where some boxes may appear to better value than others in the same month. You can cancel by the last day of the month for monthly subscriptions, or if you prefer you can buy longer subscriptions with a small saving.

Rating and verdict


I was actually attracted to the design of the box this month, which had a stunning moon and stars theme, coupled with the potential of some new items to try. This is what I got in my box this month:

  • Vitamasques ~ Morning Google Eye Mask/full size @£5.99 (everyone gets a morning or night eye mask)
  • Ciate ~Fierce Flicks  Eyeliner/ full size @£15
  • Marcelle ~ Extension Plus Mascara/ deluxe travel size 4.5 ml @£7.25 (approx)
  • Phillip Kingsly ~ Body Building Shampoo /sample 20ml @£1.70 (approx)
  • This Works ~ In Transit Camera Close Up/ deluxe sample 15 ml @£13 (approx)

Total perceived value £42.94 (approximately)

Overall the box is good value, but there are a few criticisms; first of all the customer service needs to be improved, the shampoo wasn’t for my hair type (for fine and limp hair and I have thick hair, but it’s handy for travelling) but I have tried it before and it’s nice, and there were three eye items in the box which was more than half the box. In this respect it wasn’t a well balanced box, but would be ideal for someone who uses eye makeup a lot and who needs attention in the eye area. I don’t use liquid eyeliner and I rarely use mascara these days, so sadly the items aren’t of much use to me.

The value of the box is good, considering the eye mask costs £5.99 alone, but to be honest I didn’t want the morning mask, and wanted the night one as it was more suited to my needs, and contrary to the condescending reply I got from Birchbox that they are both nice, so try it, I’m not going to use something that I don’t want (or have no use for) for the sake of it. It’s that kind of mentality that leads to waste, and also people using incorrect products for their skin which can actually lead to reactions and harm the skin.

The box was totally opposite to my profile which makes you wonder at times is it worth bothering with? My saving grace was the beautiful box (that I can use to put other items in), and that I do have a friend who may appreciate the eye mask, plus the mascara and eyeliner are sealed so I can I at least put them on eBay where they may find a happier and more useful home. If you want to buy a box, you can buy one while stocks last for £10 plus £2.95 shipping, and if some of the items aren’t for you, they are handy as Christmas gifts!


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