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I was impressed at how fast the box arrived—within 24 hours of being emailed that it had been dispatched. This month you’ll receive an orange, pink or turquoise box as each has a different word puzzle on the front. The idea is to find all the words and then post a photo of the completed puzzle on social media to stand a chance of winning £450 worth of beauty products. They however haven’t said what the prize is, or how the winner or winners will be selected.

Everyone gets two of the same full sized products, and from the possible selection I got one of the products. Here is what my box contained:

  • Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm. Full size and in each box @£11.00. The main selling points are that it’s vegan, and the balm adjusts to your own lip color. Mine went pink; the balm is minty, but the texture is a little tacky. The product is okay, but I wouldn’t buy it again as I like to control the color of my lips, and I haven’t worn pink since I was a teenager. This is fine for a no make-up day, but the packaging looks cheap and wouldn’t be an item I would want people to see in my make-up bag.
  • MODELCO® More Brows. Full size and in each box@£13.00. Personally it’s not a product I would use, as I prefer to use a pencil to elongate my brows.
  • Amika Nourishing Mask (for the hair). 20 ml sachet worth approximately £1.50 based on the full size 250 ml @£19.99. As I have long thick hair, the sample wasn’t quite enough for an application, but left my hair smelling nice and feeling softer. The instructions say to leave in on for 2-3 minutes, but I would double that time if you have thick hair.
  • Polaar Polar Night Cream. 25 ml sample tube worth £8.38 based on 100 ml @£33.50. The cream was quite thick, but pleasant to use. If you have dry skin you would like this product, otherwise you may find it too heavy.
  • Beauty Protector, Beauty Cream Body Lotion. No specified quantity, a 15-20 ml bottle worth approximately £1.20 based on 207 ml @£10.90. This cheaply packaged item seems to be a repeat sample, having been reviewed over the past year. The scent is a strong vanilla, and is my most hated smell, so this will be given away immediately.
  • Doctor Duave Anti-Aging & Firming Eye Cream. No specified quantity, about a 2 ml sachet worth approximately £6 based on 30 ml @£115. There were about 3 applications in the sachet, however, once opened the product is not as effective. The product had a nice texture and was easy to apply, but you can’t tell how good an eye cream is until you have used it for at least a week. I personally loathe sample sachets, as they are fiddly to use, and it made the product look cheap.

Total approximately £41.08 perceived value

I will admit it takes a lot to impress me, and this box didn’t. The tag line of two full sized products may entice people, but without them the value of the box would have been considerably lowered. Receiving two sachets is not great value, because it is a one-time trial. They look cheap; one could be found on the page of a magazine, and the other is a sample your hairdresser would give you if you were a good client. Out of all the products the only item of worth was the night cream. The lip balm is useful, and is great choice for someone who doesn’t wear much make-up, or likes a natural look. I used most of the products in one go; my hair felt much softer and smelt nice, and my skin was smooth and soft the next morning. It’s a shame some samples were too small to be of any real value.


Rating: 2.5/5

This would have been 2/5 except for the speed of the delivery. The selection I received wasn’t good value in my opinion with two sachets and a cheap body lotion as samples. While the lip balm paid for the box itself, there are cheaper products available that are as good. There is plenty of room for improvement Birchbox.

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