Birchbox December 2019 ~ Review

This December, Birchbox have redeemed themselves after a disappointing November box with a beautiful blue velvet pouch with 7 items inside. Usually each box is £10 per month (plus £2.95 shipping) but right now you can get the December goodies for £5 plus shipping with the code FIRST5 until the end of December while stocks last.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that contains at least 5 beauty items that ca be sample, travel, or full sized and each box is varied according to the profile information you give. That means each month there are several versions of the box, and it can be hit and miss at times. You can cancel at anytime on the rolling month subscription before the end of the preceding month, but you can’t resubscribe with an offer code for at least 3 months.

Rating and verdict


This month I was hesitant about subscribing after a disastrous one in November, and while I accept the boxes are supposed to be a surprise, when it’s a disappointing one then it is off putting (hence why I sometimes don’t bother to review them). However, a friend of mine took the plunge and showed me her curation which was excellent, so I decided to follow suit.

Here is what I got in my pouch (the velvet is beautifully soft and plush):

  • This Works Deep Pillow Spray ~ 5ml mini travel size @£6
  • Candy Kittens ~ mini bag (everyone gets this)
  • Birchbox Eyeshadow Brush ~ Full size @£4 (everyone gets this)
  • Forgive Me Suzie Eyeshadow Palette (Eye Swear or Naturally Yours) ~ Full size @£9 (everyone gets one of the two)
  • Daily Concepts Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge ~ Full size @£6
  • Marcelle BB Cream Glow Illuminator ~ Deluxe travel size 7ml @£4
  • Number 4 Super Comb Protect and Prime~ Deluxe travel size 30ml @£4

Perceived RRP approximately £34


I have to say this wasn’t a bad selection of items that covered makeup, skincare, and haircare. My friend got the Polaar Cream, Rituals Shower Oil, and a hair treatment wrap which she was pleased with, and I was happy with my selection. The items were all useful, and there’s only one item that I won’t use (the illuminator) but I have a friend who adores the brand and product so it won’t be sitting around wasted!

My favourite items were the Daily Concepts Soap Sponge, and the Number 4 Super Comb Prep and Protect, which are both useful additions to my beauty routine. If you haven’t tried Birchbox yet, this month is an ideal opportunity to do so. Get your Birchbox now!

There is also a sale on and if you review all your items in the box you get a free delivery code on an order from the shop with a free gift as well. Order any items that were part of the December curation and get 10% or if you are a VIP member (a subscriber of 6 continuous boxes) you get 15% off.


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