Birchbox April 2016 Review—Was This A Joke for April 1?


In my previous post Will Birchbox Beauty Boxes Get Any Better? I’d already stopped being excited once the spoiler list was revealed. When I began my experiment with Birchbox, my first box was not impressive, but I never thought it would get any worse. How wrong was I. The April box is a joke, and this review is easy to write as the entire contents are of poor value and quality. Each box contained a Benefit product (not full size) and I was hoping it wouldn’t be Dew The Hoola as I no longer use bronzers or self-tanning products. I sent out the vibes for a mascara, alas I got the least useful product from the selection. I have now updated my profile and cleared it all to see if that makes a difference, but somehow I doubt it. I know these beauty boxes are often the luck of the draw, but there needs to be some consistency. This month there were no full size products either to up the perceived value. Here are the contents of my box with a few home truths:

Benefit Dew The Hoola (5 ml sample size) worth £3.75. For me, it was a useless product as I don’t use bronzers, and having an olive complexion does little. The sample was so tiny, it had a maximum of two applications.
Cynthia Rowley Black Eyeliner (special size) worth approximately £4 based on £11.50 full sized pencil. Quite simply this is just another black eyeliner with a designer name on it. In the trade everyone knows that pencils are outsourced, which is why many say Made in Germany. It’s useful for a travel cosmetics bag, but I wouldn’t buy one.
Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream (5 ml sample size) worth £10. I’ve used this product before and it’s okay. It’s probably best suited for daytime use as it is tinted and is useful if you have dark circles. I don’t have dark circles, so it’s more hassle for me to blend it in during the day. I can’t see the usefulness at night because the color would just stain your pillowcase. Useful, but limited in its practicality.
Kueshi Foot Cream (40 ml sample size) worth £4.80. Having worked in the beauty industry, I can tell you that hand and foot creams are marketing ploys to get people to buy more. A moisturizer can be used on the hands and feet, and buying separate items is just a way to make you part with your cash. This product I found was greasy and also had a strong peppermint scent. Maybe this is useful for people with dry and smelly feet, but I’m not one of them!
Parlour by Jeff Chastain Detangling Leave In Conditioner (30 ml sample size) worth approximately £3.30. Celebrity hairdressers create ranges to make money. Very few of them will honestly use them all and I haven’t heard of this hairdresser, and his clients seem to be those who are on reality television, so not real celebrities in my book. After years of working as a L’Oréal hair model, (and having had award winning hairdressers look after my hair) all told me never to use leave in conditioners as they make the hair heavy and attract grease and dirt. This was my second sample of a leave in conditioner out of three boxes that I will never use. In addition this Parlour range is exclusive to Birchbox, which means they will promote it heavily, and is biased towards it as a brand.

Total perceived value £25.85


Overall rating 0.5/5  for the product choices (poor and biased), quality and practicality (average to useless), and this month the delivery was a little slow, however I have read people have had delays of weeks. I also looked at cashing in my Birchbox points to find many of the good value items are out of stock.

I cannot recommend this company based on what I have received over the last three months. I assumed they would get better and not worse. I have three months left on my six-month subscription where they can improve, but I’m not holding out for much. I do hope to be proved wrong, so Birchbox, read negative reviews and act on them, rather than only cooing over the positive ones. For those of you who think me harsh, see my other reviews. I give credit where is is due, and none for pretty packaging alone. I am aware that people have had the same box as me and are happy with it, yet on the whole it represents poor value for the full price of the box compared to what is available.

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