Sarah Chapman ~ Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse Review

Sarah Chapman doesn’t offer samples (I asked) which is a great shame, because if I had tried the products earlier I would have raved about them ages ago. I eventually got a travel sized Ultimate Cleanse as part of a free gift when I was buying something else from another company (Victoria Health), and the cleanser is simply magnificent that I went on to buy the full size without any hesitation. Sarah Chapman is a renowned facialist, and has her own range of skincare where the Ultimate Cleanse is one of her best products to date.

When budgeting for a beauty routine, often a cleanser is compromised, whereas in fact cleansing is one of the most important steps, because if you don’t have a clean canvas to work on, then nothing else works effectively. I’ve tried numerous cleansers, some excellent, and others that never quite lived up to the hype. So what makes this one so different? First of all it’s a light cleansing balm in an airless dispenser (or tube if you have the travel size), which avoids the messy fingers in jars you get with other cleansing balms, secondly, because it’s so light, you don’t need to warm it up, and it rinses off like a dream. The pump dispenser also keeps the product fresh, and you don’t get the melt that happens to balms in jars if the temperature rises.

Rating and verdict

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I rarely give 5/5 for products because they have to be exceptional and this one is. Simply use 1-2 pumps (or about a 5 pence/nickel sized amount) and massage it into the face. Then add warm water, where the balm turns into a milk, and rinse off with warm water. Sarah Chapman has a cleansing mitt that is recommended, or use a muslin cloth if you prefer.

What makes this different from other cleansing balms is that it is lighter in texture and is non-greasy, and because it’s not in a jar, you get a measured amount to use–– plus it avoids the messiness that can happen around the rims and lids of jars of cleansing balms. The balm contains Vitamin A, plus Vitamin C oils (meadowfoam, abyssinian, jojoba, and rosehip a favourite of mine), and orange flower oils which gives it a light and calming scent.

You can use this in the morning and in the evening, and I tested this with my toner test, and these was no trace of any grime or residue after using the Ultimate Cleanse. It really is the best cleanser I have used to date that also removes makeup. My skin didn’t feel tight or greasy after cleansing, and when your skin feels clean and comfortable, it’s a good start to the day.

The balm cleanses deeply and quickly, and is suitable for all skin types. Even those with oily skin will find it will help to unclog pores without any extra exfoliation (remember, it takes an oil to remove an oil), and dry skins and ones that are fragile will find the smooth balm will glide onto the skin without the need for rubbing.

You can buy Sarah Chapman’s Ultimate Cleanse in two sizes;

100 ml dispenser ~ £48

30 ml travel tube ~ £20

Sarah Chapman offers a range of trial and travel kits which allows you to try the range first, and are often good value. The products are available directly from Sarah Chapman or from other retailers. One of my preferred outlets is SpaceNK  that has an excellent loyalty point scheme, and also awards points for reviews.

Once you’ve tried this cleanser, it will be hard to use other ones ever again! Although I didn’t make Sarah Chapman’s review panel, I was still impressed by the products that I bought a travel sized Overnight and Morning Facial which I will be reviewing soon.


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