Resultime By Collin Paris ~ Regenerating Collagen Gel

Resultime is a French skincare company that specializes in anti-aging products that uses Vectorised Micro-Collagen as the main active ingredient in their products. This supports the natural collagen in the skin and stimulates the skin renewal cycle which is essential for healthy skin. The company also has salon treatments with a range of anti-aging facials (including collagen and Vitamin C facials), which can be found in select beauty salons in Europe.

This gel product is wonderful for people who don’t like oils or heavy creams, but who need a hydration boost. The pink (slightly fragranced) gel glides on and instantly adds a moisture boost to the skin and locks it in, while the collagen also helps to firm and repair the skin. When I received my jar of Regenerating Collagen Gel, there was a guide their 4 sleeps, 3 layers, 2 minutes, 1 product challenge #4SleepsFabSkin. The idea is to apply three layers; first, after cleansing, the second while you brush your teeth (according to the instructions, or just a couple of hours before you go to sleep), and the final layer before you go to sleep. Do this for four days and you will see and feel a difference in your skin.


Rating 4.3/5: I actually felt a difference after the first application, and I tried the layered approach for a day, but I felt I didn’t really need it. There are several ways to use the gel; instead of a serum and apply moisturizer over it, in the place of a moisturizer over another serum, or to leave it on as a hydrating mask. It is so versatile and only a small amount is needed. I was personally impressed straight away with the texture of the product, how easily it absorbed into the skin, and how fast it worked. Without a doubt it has encouraged me to try some of their other products, as this is a great product to use if you have dry or dehydrated skin, or have dull skin and need a moisture boost without a sticky or oily finish.

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