REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel

Most readers will know by know I’m meticulous about cleansing, and I demand a lot from my cleansers. I’ve used a few REN items and I’ve liked them, but none have wowed me enough to review them, although I have a friend who is obsessed with the brand. I actually bought the Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel as duo gift set for her, and kept one for myself and recently tried it. Yes, I’m pretty amazed at how good it is, plus it’s an ethical, vegan, and green product.

It comes in a pump dispenser either as a 150ml/5.1 fl oz @£17/$24 or as a 50 ml travel size in sets or throughout the year as a special buy. You shouldn’t really need to read what a cleanser does, because it should cleanse the skin without leaving any residue; it’s as simple as that and shouldn’t leave the skin feel greasy or tight. Now, just a reminder that there is a difference between makeup removers and cleansers. Makeup removers such as cleansing oils and creams are designed to remove or rather dissolve the oils in makeup, whereas cleansers are formulated to cleanse (remove bacteria) and remove surface dirt and sebum from the face. I would not expect a cleanser to remove heavy makeup, but perhaps concealer and a light dusting of powder or bronzer. For a full face of makeup you should be using a separate cleanser and double cleansing but optimum results. This product is a cleanser!


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REN is a relatively new brand (2000) that was founded in London, where all the products are all packaged in a minimalistic style, and are focused on natural skincare while taking into consideration the recycling issues of packaging. The product is free of parabens, sulphates, fragrance, mineral oils, and petroleum, and so is suitable for those looking for ethical products and vegans too.

The gel contains rose otto oil, and aloe vera and is a clear gel that is slightly runny, so take care when you pump it into the palm of your hand. Add warm water to create a light foam and apply to the face and rinse off. Some people prefer to apply the gel to the face first and then apply water to create a foam and then rinse off, but I find there is the temptation to use too much product when you apply a concentrated gel to the face. One pump from the dispenser is all you need because even though the product looks more like a liquid than a gel, it is concentrated and does create a lather.

I followed with my toner cotton pad test, and a good cleanser should come out clean and this one did, which means it cleansed thoroughly. Afterwards my skin felt clean and there was no tightness either and I was rather happy and surprised at how well and quickly it cleansed.

A 150ml bottle should last you about 16 weeks and so is pretty good value, as the dispenser prevents you from using too much. It’s ideal for all skin types too, so if you’re looking for a new cleanser, this one pretty much covers everything including the price. Ordering directly from REN has some great perks too:

  • 2 free samples with each order
  • A loyalty reward scheme ~ every £1 or $1 spent equals 5 points
  • 10% off your favorite product (you can change it every 6 months)
  • Exclusive offers

In addition REN have offered the following codes:

  • 10% off orders with TAKE10 (excludes bundles)
  • Free shipping on all orders with FREESHIP


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