Pink Parcel ~ September 2018 Review

The September Pink Parcel is called the ‘Eve Edit’ raising awareness for the Eve Appeal; a charity that funds and raises awareness for cancer of the various types of cancer females may encounter (ovarian, vulva, womb, cervical, and vaginal). I do feel this is an important topic, and awareness is key.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that comprises of a supply of femcare essentials, lifestyle products, beauty items, and sweet treats for £12.99 a month. Products are a combination of sample, travel and full sized products, and each box is always worth more than the price paid. Other pre paid subscription options are available, and subscribers can cancel at anytime up to a week before their next box is due. One of the best things is you can choose when to receive your box and change the date, or cancel or suspend a subscription when necessary.

Rating and verdict



This month, the box contained three full sized items and four sample sizes. Compared to previous months, the box lacked variety and some of the items weren’t really that useful. Here is what the box contained:

  • Seed and Bean Cornish Sea Salt and Lime Chocolate Bar ~ Full size/25g @ £1.20
  • Beautypro Nourishing Collagen Sheet Mask~ Full size/ @£4.95
  • Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel ~ Sample/5ml @£1.60
  • Drink me Chai Free From Chai Latte ~ Sample/18g @£0.20
  • Percy and Reed Radiance Revealing Invisible Dry Shampoo ~ Travel size/ 50ml @£4.17
  • Pixi Silky Eye Pencil in Black ~ Travel size/@£6
  • skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump ~ Full size/£24.90

Total retail value over £40 approx.

Now I know 2/5 seems like a harsh rating, but the selection of items compared to previous boxes is lacking this month. I can use about half the products in the box, but none are particularly exciting and I wouldn’t be looking to purchase them either. Perhaps this is because of the new Cosmpolitan Pink Parcel box that is out now? The fear was that the quality of the products in the standard Pink Parcel may go down, and is that the case or is it just a bad month?

The Seed and Bean chocolate bar was small and delicious, and while sea salt and lime may seem a strange combination, it’s subtle and works. The Anatomicals Eye Gel is very basic, light and watery so fine for traveling, but not as a long term product. I don’t drink tea, so that will be regifted, and as much as I like Percy and Reed, I don’t use dry shampoo either. I prefer to have a head full of hair that is freshly washed, but it is handy if I ever need it.

The Beautypro sheet mask is another one to add to my collection to use. Sheet masks are useful for traveling, and should be used alternately with other masks. The Pixi eye pencil is again handy for traveling, but I have about 30 black eye pencils and I don’t think I will ever need to buy one again in my life. Last of all is the most expensive full sized product, the skinChemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump, that I won’t use because I was fortunate to be born with full lips and don’t need them plumped any further!

The box didn’t really suit my needs this month, although for others it may have been more suitable. However, as Christmas approaches any items that I can’t use will make excellent gifts.

If you like the look of the box you can subscribe here, and you should get your box within a week to 10 days.

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