Pink Parcel Review ~ May 2017

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that can’t be beaten for value or content. Priced at £10.50 per box that includes postage (£6.99 for your first box, no code needed), each box contains a variety of items from cosmetics, body products, tea, or sweet treats as well as a supply of monthly essentials. Each month there is a spoiler, so you can get excited, or if it’s not quite your thing, you can suspend or cancel your subscription. This way no one can ever be disappointed. For those like myself that want to know what the entire contents of the box, there is a full spoiler on the first of each month, and as you can choose what day you want you box to arrive by (10th, 20th, or 28th) you have time to decide if you want to order it.

The May box has eight items, and a few things that caught my eye…

  • Mount Purious Rosewater Facial Toner ~ 10 ml sample @£2.99
  • Trust Fund Nail Polish ~ 17 ml full size in Kiss Kiss darling @£12
  • Flawless Brushes ~ Full size blusher brush @£9.99
  • Bic Miss Soleil Razor ~ Full size £0.75
  • Scrub Love ~ 60 g sample @£4.20
  • Rhythm 108 ooh la la tea biscuits ~ lemon and ginger snack pack
  • Ace Tea Hot Ginger Green Tea ~ one bag
  • Willie’s Cacao (Orange) 26 g @£1.00

As you can see, the box is worth getting for the brush alone. This month all the items were of use to me, and Willie’s chocolate is delicious and I will definitely look out for it in future. I was intrigued to try the Mount Purious Rosewater, and it was light and refreshing, but would have liked a bigger bottle. However, the bottle is refillable and is handy for traveling. It’s also vegan and organic, and it was a great introduction to the Northumbrian brand. The blusher brush is stylish and sturdy; extra brushes are always useful, and this was the item that persuaded me to sign up again as the last couple of months didn’t have anything that appealed to me.

Rating and verdict



The May box had a good varied selection of items, and delivery as usual was spot on with no issues. The sizes of the items were a little smaller, with two full sized items (the blusher brush and nail polish), and I was lucky to get a nail polish shade I liked. The other items were useful (a spare razor is always handy, and a small packet of biscuits is great for your handbag) and it caters for all tastes and ages. I don’t drink tea, but the bags are handy for visitors and saves me having to buy any tea bags, and I would have liked to have tried all three of the chocolate bar samples, but I am a chocoholic. Overall, it was good value with some interesting new brands.

I’ve seen the spoiler for next month (June), and it includes some great beauty items from well-known brands—plus one is full sized worth £18. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so here, and get your first box for £6.99 because I think the June box will be a good one!


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