Pink Parcel ~ February Review

I’m usually ambivalent about boxes that contain too many ‘lifestyle’ samples, but some of the members of a beauty group I am in sang praises for Pink Parcel, and so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. As it happens I had run out of my monthly supplies, so it was a perfect excuse to order a box. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that contains your choice of tampons/pads, beauty products, sweet treats, and lifestyle items such as herbal tea, and fashion accessories.

The first box costs £6.99 (no coded needed) and subsequent boxes cost £10.50, which includes postage. I prefer companies that are transparent about shipping charges, which can hike up the prices considerably. Signing up is easy, but you must create an account first. It will then let you choose from; tampons/towels/mixed box, your absorbency, and then brand (Tampax. Lil-ets, Kotex, Always, Bodyform, or Organyc). The next screen asks for the date you wish to receive your box, date of birth, and information on your cycle, followed by the payment page. You can choose from three delivery dates: 10th, 20th or 28th of each month to receive your box. There is also an option for a Teen Parcel for the 11-15 year olds that will contain more sweets, and skincare for teenage skin whereas the Pink Parcel may have skincare items suited to older skin. A subscription is great as a gift and especially for those who hate buying products in the store. I remember as a teen there was nothing worse than a male cashier looking for the price on the pack as they put it through the till, and waving it in the air asking someone to look up the price, or now if you don’t have a carrier bag on you, trying to shove them in your handbag or forking out to buy a bag for the sake of it.

If you need to cancel or suspend your subscription, do so by the 2nd of the month, which is the billing date regardless of when your subscribed. On your account page there is an option to cancel under ‘edit’ or you can email Pink Parcel instead. For those who need to change their product choices or to switch brands, you can also alter your plan 10 days before your parcel is due to arrive. The site also has a small shop where you buy more of the beauty or lifestyle items that were featured in previous boxes, and for those of you who prefer to know what you might get (that’s me) the site has an optional spoiler for those who want peek before they buy.

So what was in my box?

  • Vitamasque sheet mask in Acacia Berry ~ Full size (worth £3.24).
  • Ciate nail polish in Amazing Grace ~ Full size (worth £9.00).
  • Yuyo Yerba Mint Tea sachet.
  • Divine white chocolate bar ~ Full size.
  • Lavolio fondant trio.
  • Pom heart hoop necklace (worth £12.00).
  • Merci handy toothpaste in cool mint ~ Full size.
  • soapNskin Himalayan Bath Salts ~ 50 g luxe size.
  • Trifle Cosmetics Buttercream Hydrating Body Lotion ~ 25 ml sample size.
  • 21 tampons/ 5 pads (worth around £3)

Rating and Verdict



From ordering my box to receiving it there were no problems at all, and I have to say I am quite impressed with the quality of the contents of the box and how quickly it arrived. The selection of items is varied, and most are useful or can be regifted easily. Without a doubt this is excellent value, with the flexibility of suspending the subscription as well as spoilers so you won’t be disappointed.

I admit I was put off ordering before due to the name of the box, and because you can’t see what brands are on offer until you create an account that also deterred me. If I had known my preferred brand was an option I would have subscribed much sooner, and none of the reviews I read mentioned this which is so important, although some of the information is on the FAQ section after a bit of hunting.

In all, the box is one that I recommend for the following reasons:

  • The price is all inclusive; the price you see is what you pay.
  • Subscriptions can be suspended or canceled before the 2nd of each month.
  • There is a choice of brands to choose from.
  • The products come in handy drawstring pouches.
  • The treats are good quality.
  • The box is excellent value with 10 items for under £11.

Apparently they also send you a chocolate bar on your birthday, which is a nice touch. As a chocoholic, I’m glad the company has a  sweet tooth!

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