NYC City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner—Just Perfect

NYCFinding a good, reliable, and true to color eyeliner isn’t that easy. After using and testing eyeliner crayons in the high double figures, I’ve found the crayon smudges too quickly, is too hard and drags on the delicate eye area, or the color didn’t come out as it should have. Since my favorite (Crayon Khôl by Lancôme) has discontinued my favorite color (Brun Noir) I have had to look for an alternative. I will have to investigate a color called Black Coffee, which they only seem to sell in the US, as an alternate. However, NYC City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Brown has filled that gap.

At $3.99 (£3) it’s a bargain, and it really does work. The crayon is soft but doesn’t smudge, the tip is slightly rounded, so it takes some practice to get a fine line, but the color is true and it stays put. This is a classic case of don’t judge by price or the packaging. I have used, many high end eye crayons at three to five times the price, but they either didn’t last more than half an hour (and that’s just not practical) or the crayon was too hard.

How to test for a good eye crayon

The best way to test any eyeliner is to draw a couple of lines on the back of your hand and immediately rub one off hard, then gently wipe the other. If the one you rub hard doesn’t come off, then that great—buy it! Also test for the color and see whether the color fades when smudged. A good crayon will keep its color intensity even when smudged. You can then also see how hard the crayon is on your skin. In hot and humid climates crayons do get soft, and it’s best to keep them cool or in the fridge and take them out for a few minutes before you use them. Also, don’t t let them get blunt, and invest in a good sharpener.

This has become a product I can rely on and will buy in bulk (in case they discontinue it), and recommend it if you want a hardworking and reliable eyeliner crayon. Rating 4.7/5


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