Nice n Easy? The New Formula Is Neither Nice or Easy To use

People are understandably apprehensive when a company changes the formula on a trusted and established product, and surely when it says, ‘New’ and ‘Improved’ you are inclined to believe it. That’s what Nice n Easy have done with their permanent hair dye, and people are not happy. It was a trusted brand, and it really was easy to use and the results were good, better than nice, however, that is now something of the past.

I recall when my mother, who was an ardent fan of Pond’s Cold Cream told us to stop buying jars as gifts on Mother’s Day, as she no longer liked the product because they had changed the formula. I thought it was a bit extreme, but now I understand having bought the new Nice n Easy formula in good faith (in bulk) and have discovered that the product is neither nice or easy to use, and the results are poor. I made the mistake of not reading reviews before I bought the new formula, and to be honest I had no choice because there was no announcement that they were changing things, I just noticed the shelves of the local pharmacy being empty and thought there were stock issues. Little did I expect them to change the formula suddenly.

Some may say dying the hair is bad for you, but it can be a confidence booster and isn’t necessarily always for vanity reasons. Yes, some like to change the color of their hair when a relationship has ended, or to brighten it up when they feel their natural color makes their skin look sallow. In my case I have been dying my hair since I was 12 years old because I along with my sibling, I inherited a recessive gene from our mother who was born with grey hair. Both of us struggled with embarrassment as teenagers with strands of grey hair and our parents let us dye our hair if we so wished, so I’ve been dying my hair on and off for a couple of decades.

It’s safe to say I have tried many on the market, and also have had it dyed professionally (and sometimes not so professionally) in salons. Nice n Easy is the one that I relied on and that never let me down. It was quick and easy to use, and the result were good with excellent color and it didn’t leave the hair dry and brittle. I was a house model for L’Oreal for a number of years and my hair was taken care of very well, but appointments at salons take time, and there are days when you see the roots and you need to do them when you have time, and that’s the beauty of the home dye kits.


The reviews of the new Nice n Easy formula are not good, in fact most are consistent with complaints on social media and review sites, yet Clairol have failed to address the concerns. I am realistic enough to know that they are unlikely to revert back to the tried and tested and favored formula, as they truly believe the new formula is better. Well, millions of users will disagree and are in search of an alternative having snapped up stock of what they can of the old formula.

The Root Touch Up is still the old formula, so that’s worth knowing if you stumble across some packs. The old and new formulas cannot be mixed, so if you have long hair and need two packs, you cannot combine them.



I never expected the product to be as bad as it is, and after trying the first box I went online to read the other reviews in case I had a faulty box. It seems that what I experienced was normal and people in general are unhappy with the new formula. These are the claims it makes compared to the old version:

  • Creamy ~ The old version was a gel liquid and the new version is NOT creamy, and doesn’t mix well either.
  • Non-drip ~ This product drips like rainwater on a roof. It dripped down my face after it had been applied. I used a brush to try and control it and it dripped off the brush.
  • Fresh floral scent ~ It’s disgusting and smells dreadful. I don’t mind chemicals, but this was not pleasant.
  • 100% grey coverage ~ False, the formula is so weak it barely tints any grey and it’s noticeable and doesn’t blend in.

Now you can put up with things if the results are good, but the results are awful compared to the old formula that covered the grey and produced a rich color. This new formula is weak and gives the result of a semi permanent that isn’t left on long enough.

I have found the best way to use the product ( as I have packs I cannot return) is to use a dish and a brush which I had from the root touch up pack. This enables you to control the product, and limit drips. However, there are still drips. Using the applicator directly on the roots will lead to drips down the face, so be warned this is a very likely scenario.

The pack claims are all misleading and I have found them to be false, other than the formula is new. It is not improved, it is not creamy, it is not non-drip, and it doesn’t cover 100% grey and I have less than 30% grey and it has done a miserable job of covering it compared to the old formula, which did achieve 100% grey coverage. The new Nice n Easy is any but, nice or easy, and the new formula is a failure as I am now, like many in search of an alternative.

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