My Lost Or Stolen You Beauty Box

In the interests of investigation, I wanted to compare the contents and perks of the gold versus the bronze membership levels for the July You Beauty Box  (so far the only perk I can see is that gold members get an extra free product in their box, but people have options and flexibility and that in itself is worth it), alas after waiting 7 working days after my despatch confirmation I was forced to contact customer services. when my bronze box failed to materialize. My gold membership box arrived a week after I had ordered it, to the same address via what would have been the same courier company. I got to test the customer services instead!

The email states:

If you have any questions about your order please email

However, there was no email confirmation after a day after sending my query. I tried another email address I found on the site, which is the correct email address for queries where I got an automated response and a reference number. They give a lead time of three working days to reply, and I got a response the next day where a helpful Megan assured me they would track the parcel, apologized, and offered a refund or for an alternative order to be placed with an extra item as a gesture of goodwill.

Unfortunately the items I wanted (Alpha-H Liquid Gold and Resultime Collagen Gel) were no longer available, and the choice of items left were of no interest to me. I asked for the parcel to be tracked instead. The next day Megan informed me that the courier company had lost it within their network. One suspects that is politically correct speak for theft. I opted for and received a refund immediately, and can only speak highly of how the whole issue was dealt with.

Losing parcels is one of the issues when companies use couriers, and You Beauty Box doesn’t offer tracking numbers for their parcels as they include delivery in the price. I understand this as it keeps costs down; however, in this day and age it’s very hard to lose parcels as the barcode is scanned to register payment from the company. The parcels are generally stolen at source, knowing that the company can claim on the insurance. If your parcel doesn’t arrive within 7-10 working days, contact the company immediately so that they can chase it up. Most should offer to reorder the goods, because the likelihood of the item being lost or stolen is high.

All I can say is Karma to the person who stole my beauty box. Sadly, it’s a risk that is accepted when receiving parcels at home, but hopefully courier companies will clamp down on damaged and lost parcels. It shouldn’t deter you from ordering, but chase things up as soon as possible. If only all customer services were as helpful and efficient as You Beauty Box…

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