Love Me Beauty Box ~ A Third Chance Review

My previous reviews on Love me Beauty have not been great (first one, and second one), so I hesitated to try the box again, and to review it. I was tempted by a half price code that a friend had posted on social media, so I thought why not. Love me Beauty is a subscription service that gives each user 60 credits a month to exchange for products, and costs £10 a month. Each product is valued at between 5-35 credits, and can vary throughout the month for the same product. You can buy add on credits each month, if you wish to have more items or if you don’t have enough credits. Postage is extra and costs £3.95 per order.

Things have been gradually changing, and there have been some improvements with the service; items are released at the beginning of the month (so no more guessing when new items will be added), the cosmetic bags that the items are sent seem to be of a better quality compared to the first ones sent out, and the site now allows you to browse what is on offer without having to sign in. However, they still do not allow Facebook visitor posts, but do allow reviews, although some people have claimed their posts have been deleted when they contained negative comments.

This month saw several Laura Mercier products being showcased, (all at 30 credits each)

  • Full blown volumising supreme mascara 5.7 g
  • Pink Pop Lip Glace 2.8 g
  • Caviar Stick shade Tuxedo 1 g
  • Foundation Primer 14.7 ml

People were eager to spend their credits and snapped them up, but the sting in the tail was that a few days later, the cost of the credits dropped to 20 credits per item. Apparently the silver box they came in gave it a limited edition status and warranted an extra 10 credits. I contacted them and stated that it was a little audacious, to assume a tiny silver box was worth £7 (20 credits is worth £14). They refunded my account with 10 credits, but I am sure many people will have been miffed at being stung at buying add on credits to buy the products when they came out. As nice as the box is, most people would not have paid the extra for the box, especially as none of the products were full size.


The leftovers from the previous month were available too, which was a selection of EcoTools, priced at 20 credits each, and some travel sized Caudalie items that ranged from 10 credits to 20. Aromatherapy Associates was also featured with a small selection of items that were travel sized:

  • Deep Relax & Revive Evening Shower Oil Duo 5 ml x 2 /10 credits
  • Renewing Rose Cleanser 30 ml/10 credits
  • Rose Skin Tonic 30 ml/10 credits
  • De-Stress Muscle Gel 40 ml/20 credits
  • Revive Gel 40 ml /20 credits

Each month, the selection is limited and often there are only 20 items to choose from. This month the bag was useful and better than the hessian cotton bag I received a few months ago. The inside lining was waterproof, and the fabric was soft and the design was stylish. I was mildly impressed with the bag and will use it.



Rating 2.3/5: I find it hard to give this subscription service a thumbs up because they still change the credit value of items randomly. You can’t justify an item was a limited edition because it was in a small box! The customer service did respond and refunded the credits I thought had been unfairly charged. I would have preferred to have just bought another item rather than have an add on credit that I am unlikely to ever use though. However, there is no email confirmation to tell you when your items have been despatched, and these days it is necessary because they come via Royal Mail and are untracked. I consider this to be an expensive service for what it actually is compared to other services. The postage charges are at cost—£3.95 is broken down as £2.85 (small package) and £1.10, the cost of the padded envelope used to send the products in.



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