Love Me Beauty Box—A Mystery Shopper’s Review


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What struck me about other reviews of this beauty box was that they all seemed to be the same. The penny dropped when at the end of most reviews, I found a disclaimer that it was a PR sample. It appears that nearly all the online reviews were from samples sent out, and that no one had really tested the service—the actual process of subscribing. In addition, the boxes were not truly representative of a normal box of 60 credits (£10 per month), and many readers commented that their boxes did not look anything like the ones reviewed (many boxes reviewed had up to 8 items with a total of 100 credits, which they listed as a 60 credit box—false!). This is because you can buy add-on credits (which the PR company may have gifted), but you can only receive 3-6 items with 60 credits. Many of the items are 20 credits, and there are a handful of 10 credit items, which at the time of writing are: bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, and several skincare items. I was looking forward to receiving the items in a drawstring bag, alas, my arrived in a clear padded bag inside the box.


  • To access the site and to see what products are available, you have to set up an account. It doesn’t take too long, but is annoying if you want to have a quick glance.
  • There is a rolling monthly option, but they do hold your card or PayPal information, and reserve the right to take pre-payment up to 14 days before products are dispatched for all subscriptions.
  • I have noted other users have had issues with cancelling their subscriptions, but you must cancel, otherwise the company will still charge you and can put the account into arrears (2.7 of their terms), and may inform a collection agency of this.
  • The site is elegant, and stylish, but content matters too. The choice of products is limited. There is a large selection of jewelry, which I’m not sure is appropriate for a beauty box.
  • I checked the social media accounts and on Twitter they do respond to comments, however, on Facebook there are no visitor posts at all. There are a few comments on posts, so I tried it out with a query, and a message came up saying the owner would check to moderate the post. After a day there was no response, so I sent a couple of personal messages, and got a response in the evening (both times after 10 p.m., despite messaging on the day). I’m always skeptical of sites that don’t allow comments, because even if someone is complaining, it’s good to see a company knows how to resolve things. When you close down an avenue of communication and transparency of opinions, you wonder if a company is hiding something.


  • You can choose your own products (60 credits per month, each item is worth 10 or 20 credits), but if you have a subscription and forget to choose, they will select for you within 30 days.
  • The monthly option is more flexible, but doesn’t offer any bonus add-on credits you get with the 3, 6 and annual subscriptions (10 per month).
  • If you would like to buy more items you can buy add-on credits that can be stored in your account; 20 credits =£5 worth £14; 50 credits =£10 worth £35; 100 credits =£18 worth £70; 200 credits=£32 worth £140.
  • Delivery was as stated within 72 hours of my ordering my items.
  • A pro and a con; items are added as and when, not weekly or daily, but are taken off when they run out, and are sometimes replaced. Unlike other boxes that have all the best items at the start of the month, it can be hit or miss whether you log on and find an item you want. I visited the site several times a day, each day for six-weeks, and there was no pattern to when items were added.


  • The choices are limited and items can go out of stock quickly. The same Nuxe, products seem to have been available over the last several months.
  • Hair accessories and jewelry are included, which isn’t what I expect from a beauty box, especially if they make up half of the selection.
  • The postage and packing each month is £3.95, which is one of the highest for beauty box subscriptions.
  • There doesn’t seem to be much interaction with reviews from members on products or the service online, so it’s hard to gauge how others find the service. Many people usually cancel rather than complain, and the rave reviews tend to be from those who received PR sample boxes.
  • There is a lot of small print to read, and I advise you to read it before subscribing,
  • Communication is slow in regards to queries. I made three queries, and two were answered, but after several hours. I don’t think they have a dedicated customer service or PR department. If they do, they need some serious improvement.
  • Emails can be excessive; I received a couple each week with blog posts that were lacklustre and poorly written. Most people want to hear about the latest products and special offers, and sadly over a six-week period I only received one offer of an introductory box, and I unsubscribed, as it was becoming spam in my inbox.


  • Overall, some products are generously sized, but the customer service and PR areas of the service could be improved.
  • Being able to choose your items is great, but only if there is a good selection to choose from.
  • The website is not as user-friendly as it could be, and it can be slow. You must create an account before browsing and you can’t delete your account either.
  • I received emails with the wrong offer in it, and no terms and conditions were available; my queries only ever seemed to be answered in the evening despite being asked during working hours.
  • Delivery was fast and my parcel arrived within three working days as advertised, however, I was disappointed not to have the drawstring bag that had been pictured in other reviews. Seriously, these are the small touches that make the difference as to whether I would subscribe again or not.

My selections were:

  • Nuxe Lotion Douce (35ml): sample, perceived value £2.45 @ 10 credits.
  • Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse (15ml): sample, perceived value £7.88 @10 credits.
  • Nuxe Masque Crème Fraîche (50ml): full size, but marked as a free gift with an expiration date of 10/16. Perceived value £18.50 @20 credits.
  • Cailyn Extreme Matt Lip Tint 3.5 ml: full size, £13 value, @20 credits.
  • Total perceived value £41.83

I’ve used Nuxe for years, and the products are gentle and effective. The mask while it does represent good value obviously has been produced for a promotion, and the excess stock has been sold off to beauty discounters. This may sound skeptical, but in my many years of promoting and selling skincare, these products are produced for special events and goody bags, hence the short shelf life I have left on my product. The lip tint was good value, and is from a brand that is yet to be available in the UK.

Our Score
Rating 3/5: Here are several areas they need to focus on (IMHO and free advice); allow users to interact on social media, have a balanced selection of products, relax the subscription rules which are too strict with too much small print, and allow people to post their reviews on the site.

I am undecided whether to try another box, because the selections are limited, and once you subscribe, your card or PayPal details are automatically authorized for pre-payment up to 14 days before payment is due. Maybe a monthly box, if there are good products to choose from is the best option to take. You do get bonus credits with other subscriptions (3, 6, and annual), but how useful are they when there is nothing you want? At the time of writing a few Rodial items have been added, but I doubt the stocks will last, and one advertised item has already either run out or is unavailable.


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