Lacura (Aldi) Vitacell Anti-Aging Skincare Range

A new addition to the Lacura skincare range arrives on 9 February 2017—the Vitacell anti-aging range which comprises of an eye cream (for all skin types), a serum, and a 24 hour cream (one for sensitive skin, and one for mature skin).

The range contains several active ingredients that help to combat the signs of aging and repair any damaged skin cells; Vitasource™, which is extracted from a Chinese plant called Baicalin helps promote healthy skin cells; stem cells from sea plants help improve the elasticity of the skin; TCR3® complex encourages collagen renewal; glutamine peptides and amino acids help the natural hyaluronic balance in the skin (which helps the skin hold moisture, leading to plumper and firmer skin), and olive extract that provides an extra moisture boost.

I tested the eye cream, the serum concentrate for sensitive skin, and the 24 hour cream for sensitive skin, and here are my findings. The packaging and presentation of the products is shiny and glossy, similar to premium brands with spatulas included for the creams. One thing you will notice is that the products have a sweet scent, which can be a little overwhelming at first for those who aren’t fond of the smell of sweet fragrances. Overall, the packaging looks stylish, and the products themselves are excellent quality.

Eye Cream

Priced at £4.99 for 15 ml, this is an great buy as an anti-aging eye cream, which is more of a gel moisturizer. It also contains an ingredient called EYESERIL® which can help with puffiness, while in tests it has also helped with dark circles and wrinkles, over a period of 28 days (a normal skin renewal cycle). I fortunately don’t have either, but I do advocate the use of preventing lines and to use products to help firm the fragile area around the eye as soon as you start to wear eye make-up. One of the main causes of lines around the eyes is the use of eye make-up removers and the harsh tugging of the skin around the eye area when mascara in particular is removed.

Rating and verdict


The product is light in texture and absorbed quickly, and didn’t leave a film around the eye area, therefore is ideal for morning and evening use. My only issue would be that the packaging is too big for the amount of product, and it would have been better in a tube or a small jar. I would recommend this for everyone to use, as eye creams with active ingredients that are light and easily absorbed at this price are hard to find.

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24 Hour Cream De Luxe For Sensitive Skin

Finding anti-aging products for sensitive skin can be a task, and as I don’t believe in day and night creams (the skin doesn’t change, but encounters different environments), having one cream for both is more effective for the skin, and is also economical. Day creams with a SPF generally contain more chemicals and thus can counteract other active ingredients, and I always advise a higher sunscreen (SPF 50) to be used over the entire face including the nose, and forehead, which is where some people tend not to moisturize or forget.

Rating and verdict


The cream is very light in texture and absorbs quickly into the skin, and would be ideal for oily skins that are sensitive. The skin feels soft immediately after applying it, and is best used in conjunction with the serum for optimal results, otherwise you may feel the need to use more of the product because it is so quickly absorbed into the skin. Those accustomed to rich creams may feel the need to apply a generous amount, although it isn’t necessary, as it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry. Available in 50 ml jars (a mature skin version is also available) priced at £6.99, this a great value purchase for those who have sensitive skin, and struggle to find active products that counteract redness and that have allergies to other ingredients.

Serum Concentrate For Sensitive Skin

Serums are wonderfully potent products that work hard to repair the skin. This superb serum is dispensed via a dropper, and you only need a few drops for the entire face.  I advise putting the drops into the palm of the hand, and then use the fingertips to apply quickly. Unlike other serums that can be quite thick this has the same consistency of hydrating toner, so be careful when applying as it absorbs quickly, or apply to a section of the face at a time.

Rating and verdict



Although I wasn’t overly keen on the scent, the results are amazing. Instantly the skin looks and feels smoother and creates a glow on the face. Rather than a serum I would call it a skin perfector fluid, and for people who like to use primers, this would be an ideal product to use. I tested one side of my face just with the serum and the other with the serum and cream, and there was very little difference. The serum helps lock in moisture and also plumps up the skin, and leaves a slight sheen. I would recommend this product for everyone, and especially for those with a dull complexion, or who have an uneven skin tone as it brightens the skin and creates a smoother appearance.

The Vitacell range is available from 9 February 2017, for a limited time either online (unless sold out) or at Aldi stores.

  • Vitacell Eye Cream ~ £4.99 15 ml
  • Vitacell 24 Hour Cream De Luxe for sensitive skin ~ 50 ml £6.99
  • Vitacell 24 Hour Cream De Luxe for mature skin ~ 50 ml £6.99
  • Vitacell Serum Concentrate for sensitive skin ~ 30 ml £6.99
  • Vitacell Serum Concentrate for mature skin ~ 30 ml £6.99

Have you tried the range yet, if so, what do you think?

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