Lacura (Aldi) Expert Beautifying Serum

The recent trend in supermarkets and stores bringing out their own range of beauty treatments and cosmetics has been received with apprehension by some, and delight by others. I was in the former camp, and now am in the latter. At £3.99 for a 30ml (1.0 fl oz) glass jar dropper bottle of intensive anti-aging facial serum—this is a bargain and most importantly it works. Currently the Lacura Expert Beautifying Serum is available in Aldi stores in the UK, Australia, and some countries in Europe after being launched in October 2015, but once the range hits the US shelves, it will be serious competition for other brands in the same price bracket. Where can you get a quality and active serum for $6? Most comparable ones retail at $15 at least. In the article on serums, I clarify that there are different kinds of serums for varying needs, and also skin types. Remember, serums are concentrated and should not be overused, as they can cause reactions, so choose carefully

Who is this suitable for?

This is an anti-aging serum and is quite concentrated with active ingredients, so should only be used on those over 30, or if people have had skin concerns. If you have sensitive skin, test it on the neck first, because even though it has been dermatologically tested, that means it’s only been tested for all known skin conditions. You can use this as a pick me up if you have been ill too, but only when needed and not part of a usual regimen.

 How to use it?

Apply 2-3 drops into the back of the hand and dot on the specific areas of concern. Massage upwards and outwards on cleansed skin, prepared with a toner or softening lotion (see article on the simplest skincare routine). Use a moisturizer afterwards, but allow the serum to absorb for a couple of minutes first.

Beauty Super Spy Tips

  • If you use this during the day, make sure you leave enough time for the serum to absorb before applying make-up as it may make it patchy, as it is quite a thick serum.
  • Use only a couple of drops, as often you don’t need more. You can always add more later on and extend to the neck.
  • This is a good treatment to use after being ill, or if you have neglected your skin care regimen. Afterwards, use it a couple of times a week at night as maintenance.
  • If the serum feels too sticky to apply and pulls the skin, ensure the skin has been prepared with a softening lotion, then warm up the serum with a couple of fingers on the back of the hand before applying. This will loosen the texture slightly.

 I was so impressed by this product that I braved returning to Aldi to buy another bottle. I have used many of the other brands (and used to sell them), among them Clarins Double Serum, and Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, and this one is comparable in performance. Rating of 4.5/5 for performance and price. [yasr_overall_rating]

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  1. I have been using aldi expert serum for less than a week and I am already seeing results ! My skin feels tighter, brighter and my premature fine lines ( i am 24) seem dramatically reduced ! I know this serum is designed and recommended for 30’s and over but this stuff is brilliant !

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