Caudalie Contouring Concentrate

Detoxing usually begins in January, so I decided to get a head start and begin now! I’ve been trying out a few products that claim to help smooth, and firm parts of the body and am currently trying the Caudalie Contouring Concentrate, which is a dry oil, that is 100% plant based. I prefer gels and creams (no residue), but oils do penetrate into the skin faster when they are applied on warm damp skin, and work faster so was willing to do this one a try.

My first impression is that the 75 ml plastic bottle is in a box that is far too big for it. Why they need to put it in a box that can actually fit 3-4 of the bottles I do not know, but it seems a waste. The smell is quite light and pleasant and as I am fan of most Caudalie skincare it was nice to use. The oil itself is as the name says, is concentrated but as the bottle is a screw top, applying can be very fiddly. You have to remember to wipe the whole top after dispensing, otherwise it leaves a residue and screwing the top back on can make it very messy.

The oil does absorb quite quickly, but I applied it after having a bath and it does absorb much faster on warm damp skin. If you do apply it on dry skin as with all oil based products it’s probably not a good idea to wear white or to wear any tight clothing immediately as it will stick leave a slight film.

Rating and verdict


The smell of the oil is lovely and the product really does detoxify. If you use it at night, be aware you may have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It’s a good idea to use it at least four hours before you go to sleep just in case. The skin does feel smoother and toned, and with contouring products it works best with a routine of exercise and healthy eating, both of which I am making more of an effort with.

The only thing that puts me off using the product is the awkward packaging. The bottle is thin and small and can easily get knocked over while you are applying the product. The dispenser is a very basic one with a stopper and a small hole that allows a few drops to come out at time (like an olive oil bottle). As such, if you are applying it to your legs you need several shakes and it’s just too time consuming and messy. It would be better with a pump and a cap, or a flip top lid.

The product comes in one size (75 ml) and costs £24 and on the side there is a daily gauge to tell you how much you should be using. This is a concentrated and stimulating product so don’t use too much or it could keep you going to the bathroom or push out toxins in the body in other ways like spots.

If you like body oils and need one to help with firming, then this is a good buy. However, if you are always in a hurry and don’t like the feel of oil on your skin, you’re best off looking at creams or gels, or to only use it at night. This is a product that takes time to apply in that you need to use the correct amount, massage it in quickly, and then if you are getting dressed to wait until it’s absorbed completely.

I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, but you must use this on a regular basis and if you have the time to massage the product in then it is worth it. However, I get put off by poorly functioning containers and if you knock over a tube of cream or gel you’re fine, but if the bottle of oil falls over and the lid isn’t tight enough then you not only lose the product, but the oil can damage what is around it. For me, it’s too risky and would only consider buying this again if there was a pump dispenser and a suitable cap to go with it.

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