Beauty Box February Update

Signing up to a beauty box subscription isn’t a decision you should make lightly unless you have unlimited funds. On my quest to test the best in service and quality of boxes, here are my findings so far in terms of signing up, reviews, the ability to view previous boxes or what products maybe available.

Love Me Beauty: The site looks elegant, however do read the small print as there are things that may catch you out (if you subscribe and forget to choose, they select items for you). First of all you have to sign up and make an account before you can even view any of the products on offer. Filling out the profile is rather annoying and long-winded, but it’s supposed to allow your own beauty consultant to tailor your needs. Sadly, I don’t believe this for a second; first, it’s all computer generated, and secondly they can only select from the limited products available. I have been monitoring the site for 6 weeks now, and although it says the products are updated weekly, all I have seen is the popular products disappear, and a few replaced. There is also a selection of jewelry (14 items), which is quite confusing, because there isn’t the same amount of skincare or make-up items to choose from. Currently I haven’t subscribed, as it would be a waste of my money, however, they do email you 2-3 times a week with their blog posts, which in my opinion are not informative or worth reading.

You Beauty Box: With this site you can’t sign up unless you subscribe, so there is no newsletter to receive or any introductory offer email. It’s the easiest site to join, and is straightforward; you pay £6.95 a month and get 2 products of your choice and postage is included. The popular items go out of stock quickly or as they say ‘currently unavailable’.

Latest in Beauty: Another site where you have to join before you can see what is on offer. You can however pick 3,6 or 9 items and there is a better choice, but items do go out of stock quickly. The site is slow at times, and I have tested it on several browsers and on different days. It’s also responsive, which means it’s build for tablets so if you are on a laptop, you have to scroll for eternity to read everything.

Glossybox: Apparently the February box sold out within the first few days and they offer new subscribers a starter box (a selection of past samples), and if they sign up they are guaranteed a March box. The site is easy to use and does at checkout total the cost with VAT and postage as extra. The addition of VAT is unusual (as it should be included already), and may catch people out, as it is a legal requirement to advertise the product including VAT if it is an item for the general public (business customers can buy VAT free, and thus an advert for with or without VAT is acceptable if the product was available wholesale) so sadly, Glossybox can be seen as misleading here, and using it as a marketing tactic so the boxes look cheaper.

Birchbox: The site is easy to sign up to and use, plus you don’t need to sign up to browse the site or to view previous boxes. There is a heavy emphasis on buying products, but they do publish good and bad reviews on the boxes and products, which allows the consumer to have a more rounded view of the products and the quality of the boxes. Read the full review here on the February box.

Remember when you sign up they will automatically rebill you, so if you want to cancel check the cut off dates. In some cases it maybe be better to have a monthly rolling contract even if it costs a little extra for that flexibility. My next update will be in March to see how fast the boxes sell out, and if there are in fact any new products added to selections, plus if there are any sign up discounts or offers.

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