Balm Balm ~ Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm Review

Balm Balm is a company that produces skincare products that are 100% organic—great for those looking for natural, ethical, or ecological products. I decided to try the frankincense deep cleansing balm, which is sold in 30 ml (£9) and 60 ml (£16.50) jars. Among the other ingredients are: shea butter, beeswax, jojoba, sunflower and calendula, and the key point is that all the ingredients have been organically grown.

There are many reviews of this product, so I had high expectations, however, as much as I wanted to like this cleansing balm (and I have used others) it sadly did not live up to my other cleansers. The texture is slightly gritty, and isn’t that pleasant to apply, and once rinsed off it leaves a slightly oily film on the face. To try and be fair as possible I used it in various ways; in the morning for a light cleanse, and then as the first part of a double cleanse in the evening. My face felt uncomfortable and sticky afterwards, and I had to wash it again with another cleanser to remove the tacky feel each time.

Rating and Verdict



The product isn’t as concentrated as other cleansing balms and you have to use a couple of scoops from the fingertips for a single application. Therefore, even though it maybe cheaper than some higher end cleansing balms, it doesn’t last as long. The balm does dissolve into the skin, but is quite oily, so if you have oily skin and don’t like the feel of oil on your skin, you may not like this product.

The cleansing balm does cleanse, but not deeply and I tried this with (light makeup) and without makeup. Each time required another cleanse from another product or a double dose of toner to remove the residue. I found the oily and tacky film on the skin afterwards uncomfortable, and (I have normal/combination skin) despite rinsing several times with a muslin cloth the residue remained.

Sadly I won’t be buying this product again, but am aware many people like the cleansing balm as it is 100% organic. Compared to other cleansers I have used, this product scores high on the ecological front, but while it does cleanse, it’s not an effective cleanser, and is best suited for those who wish to use organic products and don’t mind compromising on performance.

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